Work Day at the studio!

My great friend Dane Rhodes from ┬áSmothered put out an invite for some of his friends to come do some “work around the studio” this weekend.

It pays to have friends like Dane because 90 people responded! There will be 90 people at the studio tomorrow working their fingers to the bone.

Don’t worry… I have fire ants and fire ants LOVE bony fingers!

After the day’s work we will all be watching Smothered in the very location where it was shot! Pretty cool… especially since I now have evidence that the studio really is haunted!

Darned fire ants and their peanut butter…

A “friendly spirit” seems to float around the lake area. I learned that an actress drowned up there in 1914. I’m in the process of finding out who and why now. Will keep you posted.

Here’s to Dane and his friends. The studio is going to be MUCH better for the effort!