I was a fat kid.

Yup.. I weighed 250 or so when i was 16 and still had it in my head that I was going to be a movie star.

“How many obese movie stars do you know?” asked my brother Bob that summer of 1976 when I had just wolfed down another corn dog at Six Flags.

He was right…

I didn’t know any. John Goodman had yet to do his first ever movie with me (Eddie Macon’s Run).

I decided to lose the weight and get into the best shape of my life. I knew that I was supposed to do something with my life. I knew it. Felt it in my bones… right there under all that fat. So I made a decision…  right then and there.

2 months later I had dropped 50 pounds.

Guess I’m one of those people who, when they put their mind to something they really put their mind to it.

I’m telling you this because I just heard that my fitness group, TEAM RIPPED DUKE has collectively lost over 4,000 pounds in the last 2 years.

I feel great about that. Really GREAT!

Imagine the fat kid from school who has been a tiny bit of help to people who are/were in the same boat he was in all those years ago and how he feels.

If you are someone who needs a push to get into better shape… to start taking your health and fitness seriously… I urge you to click on my health and fitness tab over there to the left.

Consider yourself pushed.

The stuff is hard. That’s why it works. The supplements aren’t cheap… but they also aren’t expensive. I don’t consider $4 for a full breakfast expensive. Especially one that gives me more nutrients than I’l ever find in a fast food restaurant.

In the last three years I took 30 pounds off and kept them off with the programs you’l find once you click the tab. I had gained some of my 50 back after I turned 50. Guess I started believing that that was just what “happened” once you got to a certain age.

I don’t believe that any more and neither should you. It’s BS. Pure and simple.

Think of your goal. You ideal weight… size… measurement. I’m here to tell you that it’s attainable. You can do it. It’s not easy… nothing worth having EVER is.

You have a purpose. A reason for being here. It’s important. Only YOU can do it… whatever it is. I believe that you can do it better if you are healthier.

I’m not saying everyone needs to be skinny. No. I’m saying that everyone could stand to be a little bit or a lot of bit healthier than they are right now.

Go ahead… you’re worth it!


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  1. John, you are an inspiration to me and so many other people. The push to lose this weight came from you in one of your groups. I am so tired of yo-yo dieting that I know I can keep it off this time. I have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months. In this post you asked me to picture my ideal weight. For the first rime in a long time I can. It will be a slow process since I have over 100 lb. to lose, but now I believe I can do it. I know that I need to be healthier to fulfill my God–given purpose. Thank you for inspiring me.

  2. Just ordered “21 Day Fix” from Beachbody. Portion control is the one piece of this puzzle I haven’t been able to figure out successfully. This seems like the perfect program to help me with that.

  3. Thank you, Mr. John. I’m still struggling a lot with my situation and I’m not sure how (or where) to find the strength to proceed.

  4. Hi John,
    I’m Kayla Sullivan, the Admin of the Haves and Have Nots Discussion group. I must say that we truly appreciate you. I just wanted to ask if you would be interested in an event that Wanda Stanley and Gilda Porter, both members and fans of the group and show, have planned and collaborated on with me. Our plan was to have a Haves And Haves Not event specifically for the members of the group, and all the cast members as well. We want to announce the event to everyone in the group once we get the okay from you and the other cast members. The dates of this event will be determined based on everyones’ availability.. After we receive confirmation from everyone of the show, we will go on to further planning. In order to make this a success, we need your help. We would like to have a two-day event. The first event will be a meet and greet from 6-10pm with the fans in the group. We would like for the casts to join us. For the second day, there will be a conference type activity from 11-3; shopping for Have and Have Not memorabilia, luncheon, talking with the cast in separate locations as not to overwhelm the cast, and lastly, a celebratory party that evening from 8p-2a. The color scheme would be red and black. Sunday, everyone would go home, but talk about the event for a very long time. To make this happen, we wanted to have Tyler Perry host. We were wondering if you would participate and talk with Tyler Perry about this event. In addition, I am 15 years old,but my mother is aware of the group, and I have been working with Gilda and Wanda on planning this event. If you have questions, need information, or need to send information, please contact Wanda Stanley at 1-407 493 1802 from 6:30 pm – 11 p or email her at wnstanley@yahoo.com. Thanks for your time.

    1. Wow. You are a truly amazing young woman.

      I am going to ask that some of my fellow Haves and Have Nots cast who read this blog take over your request however. With the building of the studio and the next film in pre production there aren’t enough hours in the day.

      I have no doubt that you will make this happen!

      Go get’em Wanda!

  5. Hello John,,

    Don’t worry about your weight you look fantastic? high school is in your past I am so proud of you with all you done in your life bring it. see you someday have a happy happy birthday sweetie..,,,

    love your friend and fan Theresa laforge

  6. I believe everybody is on this Earth for a reason and a purpose and every person can contribute in their own way to make this a better place. Even if they don’t think they can help, there is always something they can do, one good action a day, just to start, would do a lot for this world. It feels great when we help others, even the smallest thing we could do for others could help them change their lives completely. I feel your happiness and satisfaction in this post, a lot of people have changed their lives and get to live a happier healthier life with your help and that’s awesome. I think every problem we face in life is for a reason, maybe if you hadn’t been an obese child you wouldn’t have gotten involved in the process of losing weight and you wouldn’t have helped all the people you have helped now. You turned something bad into something good and that´s the right thing to do.

    I just saw the link about job employment in your studios, it is great that you are giving us the chance to apply to work there 🙂

  7. You can add another 2,748 pounds to that total from some other members!!! How EXCITING!!!!! Changing lives from the inside out! I hit my 60 pound mark and that is from a wheelchair with the use of 1 arm and 1 leg. Down 11 pills! So YES, these programs can be modified and work for EVERYONE! Thanks, Coach John!

  8. Coach John, I love your post. Yes, I am one who believes in your purpose in life too. You recruited me in 2011, and I became a coach driven by your principles. I’m so happy to have been a part of your challenge groups, most recently Beachbody Ultimate Reset and now T-25. Of course, it’s tough, and if it were not, it would not be worthwhile. My philosophy is that we are only loaned this body for a short span of years to house our souls, and during that time, we need to do our utmost to keep that vessel free from toxins and garbage we find so readily in stores and restaurants all over the world. It’s a daily routine just like bathing, cleaning, and working, but the benefits are much more extraordinary. Thank you for giving so many people including myself the help that we so desperately need to maintain these bodies the way they were intended to be – healthy, fit, and strong! Bless you in your great endeavors.

  9. I have been meaning to tell you this since I saw your first statement that a fitness program “saved your life.” A million guys own that program, and they are still fat. You saved your own life, by your motivation and determination to stick with it. You’ve encouraged a lot of people, regarding not only health but creativity. It doesn’t surprise me that so many people are keeping in touch with you online. And after everything I’ve read, which is a lot, I’ve yet to hear a bad word about you. As long as you’re out there somewhere, I’m good.

  10. John,
    You have NO idea how much I thank YOU for giving me the push that I really needed(whether I wanted to hear it or not). I was surprised when you personally told me you wanted me as a coach on TRD. You’re support means a lot from a girl who went through the same thing you did as a kid.

  11. John – I would LOVE to join your exercise program but I am disabled and I suffer from vertigo and imbalance. If there are exercises in this program that I can do, let me know. A Mary Lou Tringali is in your group and she is going to be at the Mad Monster function next Friday night. She is going to meet me, Patsy Davis, at the Hilton the next day to escort me to your table since I am disabled and have to use a walker to get around. I have a RIP ticket as well. Maybe then we can discuss your exercise program. She thinks very highly of it and has mentioned it to me as well. I am really looking forward to actually meeting you next Saturday, March 22nd. I have seen you in all of your TV series and some movies and now I am going to have the honor to meet you! I am so excited about that. I am actually going to meet John Schneider who I have seen perform as an actor for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’ve been rather, “hefty,” all my life. But I’ve never been real good on the healthy part until recently. I have lost two pants sizes in the last two years. Trying for two more. I’m not expecting to get down to where I was in high school. I still get flirted with even with my larger size, so it’s not about my looks. I just want to have less weight for these old bones to carry around.

  13. Doing the John90Xplan last year was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have never been over weight, but I wasn’t really that healthy and I never had much energy. Now I feel great. I’ve lost some weight and inches in all the places I wanted too. I now have a flatter stomach than I have had in years.I loved the John90X plan so much that is why I am currently doing T25 and I love it. It’s tough, but so worth it the results are amazing. Your support and encouragement as a coach is fantastic. Keeps me pressing play and focusing. I recommend others do it too. You really won’t regret it.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. I have been over weight my whole adult life. I have over come many things in life, but this is the one obstacle I could never seem to beat… I had open heart surgery as a small child and again in my early 20s and I help care for heart patients. I know better, but in many ways I had given up on myself. I always felt uncomfortable in places with large groups of people and especially gyms because no one ever let me do anything because of my heart growing up. I was sent to help the librarian during PE class throughout school. Two years ago I decided to join an acquatic boot camp class because I was tired of being overweight and wanted to do it to help motivate my patients. I didn’t know how to swim and was ashamed to take my shirt off in public — not because of my weight but because of the scar in the middle of it. The instructor was a former Marine and I think he just sensed my fear. I needed someone who was just as stubborn and headstrong as I am and wouldn’t let me think that I couldn’t do something until I at least tried it. He even taught me to swim at the age of 34! It has been life changing. I have dropped 40 pounds so far! I can now do 45 minutes to an hour of low intensity cardio, and I am stronger physically than I ever imagined I could be. I know God has a purpose for my life. I had always planned my life thinking it would end in my 20s, but I am thankful for all of the lagniappe (a Louisiana term for “something extra”) that the good Lord has blessed me with….

  15. Hey John,
    I’m 48 and need to drop 50lbs myself. Reading your blog has encouraged me to get busy.

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