The good old days

I’m in Vegas at the moment with my old buddy Wopat and we started talking about things we used to do that really aren’t part of every day life any more.

Oddly enough, because I’m such a car guy, one of my best memories of life before the internet was looking at the new Auto Trader magazine when it came out every week.

My mother and brother Bob and I would look through it… circle cars that were our “dream” cars and think about what we’d do if “that” car was in the driveway.

Somehow this tradition made us closer. I think maybe it was the discovery part of turning the page and finding some new jewel there to drool over.

My dream car was a Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. I wanted that car so bad I almost got a loan that would have made it impossible for me to quit my job at “The Manhattan Yellow Pages” in Atlanta to go to Hollywood for the screen test of Dukes!

Sure glad I didn’t get that loan. Still want the car though.

I learned recently about and started looking there. I love it. It’s kind of like the old day experience but in a cyber way. There’s something about seeing what cars are out there for sale, reading their stories and meeting the people who are selling them that makes me feel that “discovery” again.

I’m not saying I’m going to go out and buy a car today… but I’m sure going to browse!

The more connections to the old days the better as far as I’m concerned. I like remembering.

Maybe that’s why Thelma is a 1973 Winnie in Smothered! And why I bought a 1974 Pacer and named her Agness for the upcoming movie Backwater…

What things do you remember most about the simpler days before we had phones in our pockets and television on demand?

Whistle while you work

I have been having a blast (except for the time when I tried to cut the tip of my finger off!) working here at the studio.

Many magazines and business folk have flocked to hear more about it.

Click HERE for the latest.

It’s been a dream of mine to open a movie studio for as long as I can remember. I always wanted a place where I could put my crazy ideas on film and help others do the same thing.

I am delighted to say that it’s happening!

However… It is happening as a result of hard work and sticking to my guns. It’s amazing how many people will ┬ástep in front of you to say that your dream can’t come true. Is too big. Is unrealistic…

Funny thing is… this time everyone is all for it. My friends and family and co-workers are behind the whole idea.

Feels good… no… great!

But… I want you to look into your mind, heart and soul and find your dream. It’s there. Maybe just under the surface… maybe deep down inside… but it’s there.

If your dream has been squelched by someone… a group of people… or even the weight of life and life’s responsibilities… I urge you… dare you even… to resurrect that dream. Blow the dust off… pull it from the mud… chip the concrete off of it with a pocket knife if you have to and start going for it.

You’ve been given one life. I believe we’ve all been given a dream… a design. I also believe that we can’t fully function to our potential until we are operating within or design… our dream. Operating short of that is like running on ice.

The illusion of movement… of achievement.

Rachel Handler is fantastic in Smothered. She didn’t let a car accident get in the way of her dream.

Only YOU know if you are living your dream. Working it (living your dream means your are headed in the right direction. It doesn’t mean you’ve gotten there!).

Smothered is the first of many rungs on my dream ladder. Are you climbing yours?

What can you do today… right now… to head yourself from your head to your toes in the right direction?

Seize it!


Why do they call him Stubbs?

My friend lawrence and I are headed to Florida from Louisiana. Baton Rouge specificly, to meet a man called stubs. We’re going to be talking to him about a possible reality show. But the burning question is, why do they call him stubs? Here’s a picture:

I will keep you posted on our progress! Keep coming back to the blog to see how we’re doing. Later!

In Pensacola now. Foggy. I switched over to shotgun so I could write more.

Here’s what I know about Stubbs… he’s into horsepower and making things go really fast in odd environments. I believe he raced a Swamp boat ON THE DRY GROUND against a Jet Ski in the water.

This is going to be a great trip!

Okay… wondering if these guys have anything to do with the nickname..?

More to follow…
…Or maybe it’s because of this:

That’s Phil. Not Stubs BTW…

Looks like if he told me why they call him Stubbs he’d have to kill me.

Not good.

I’m gonna keep digging and keep you posted. Keep coming back to this blog for an update.

I’ll blog about other thoughts again now.

That’ Dirt. Yup… Dirt.

I’m calling these guys the “Swamp Gangsters! ”

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