a great man has finished the race

This new trumps anything I was going to write about what’s happening in my life at the moment.

It’s with a heavy heart that I say my friend Steve has finished his race.

These are words that his daughter wrote:

“He was a true Renaissance Man.

IMG_6637 copy
My friend Steve got me into racing the Silver State Classic Challenge. It was the most fun I ever had behind the wheel of my ’69 Charger!

As some might say, the Godfather of Open Road racing. A mighty good race car driver in the La Carrera Panamericana, Acapulco Rally, Chihuahua Express, Ensenada Classica, and Rally Media Noche. President of the world renowned Silver State Classic Challenge and Nevada Open Road Challenge for over 25 years.

A husband. A father. A grandfather. A stepdad and step grandfather. A friend to all. A man with a photographic memory who had many, almost unbelievable, life stories to share. A man who loved to dance, laugh and learn. A man who always carried himself with European flair but was a proud American citizen. Steve Waldman, who truly was the quintessential host.

Never has a man lived his life to this extent. He was challenged by life with the first breath he took and fought against all odds to prove the American dream could be obtained. 

You proved life can be truly be amazing if you want it to be.”  

You will be missed my friend. We’ll keep Gail in our prayers. We’ll keep our cars tuned and shining. Most important… we’ll keep our right foot pressed hard to the floor as we motor toward our dreams.

– John Schneider –