Excellence unexpected

Every now and then you come upon something that is totally unexpected.

Like a Lamborghini parked in a numbered space in an apartment building.

Greatness from an unusual place.

Today was such a day.

My buddy Wopat had stayed in a little town in Louisiana called Springfield during our last “Dukes Festival” here in Livingston Parish. Ever since then he’s been talking about this restaurant that I “just had to try.”

We are filming in Covington, Louisiana this week on a project I am not at liberty to disclose but I promise you are going to LOVE it when you see it…

Well… I’ve lived here for a year and a half and was sure that I knew all the really good restaurants.

I was right! Kind of… anyway.

This place is not really good… It is really AMAZING!

Tonight he and I and or agent and my business partner went to the place he’d been bragging on for nearly a year that is kind of right in my back yard.

It’s called “Lil’ Miss Winnies.”

It’s in Springfield, Louisiana at 32114 Main Street and I have to say that if there is such a thing as a 6 star restaurant… this is it!

The food was amazing… the people who work/own the place are delightful and the price is a quarter of what it should be.

Again you see my passion for family run restaurants. There is something to be said for people who are “All In” in their place of business.

If you ever come thin way and if you are a lover of truly amazing food well presented, prepared and served… You have GOT to go to Lil’ Miss Winnies.

I promise… you will not be disappointed.

In fact… I would go as for as to say that you need to put a trip to Springfield on your “to do” list if you should ever come to New Orleans. The food here is a wonderful compliment to the tastes you will get there. The town is tiny and you would never expect to find culinary excellence in this delightful little room.

‘Nuff said.

Do you have a memory or story about excellence in an unlikely place? A surprise of superiority?

Do tell!

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  1. What a great shout-out for some really sweet folks. 🙂 From a personal point of view, it’s really unbelievable that my childhood heroes/crushes/idols were eating lunch right across from the school where I was busy teaching my littles. Wow- what a small world! 🙂

  2. It’s nice you two get out with each other even if there is a job involved. Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley in Seattle, WA has some great food. I can’t wait to go back plus it’s got some nice jazz music there as well. I saw Molly Ringwald in concert there.

  3. I must say that my aunt Kandi is a wonderful person. And as much as I’ve heard her talk about John Stamos (her idol she absolutely loves him) I have never seen a smile that big on her face! She wa excited telling me about her experience! You 2 men have made her YEAR! Thank y’all!

  4. I have to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Schneider and Mr. Wopat for the attention they showed my sister, Kandi, while visiting Li’l Miss Winnie’s. She has Down’s Syndrome, and is an avid fan of theirs. She has told everyone she ,”had the time of her life.” Thank you both so much for making her day!

  5. Excellence in an unlikely place? The Stouch Tavern (a 1700’s historical inn run by a restaurateur with a true innkeeper’s heart) in Womelsdorf, PA only 10 minutes from where we used to live. The food is period, amazing, & very reasonably priced. He even plays the piano & has his guests gather around to sing. It’s an experience worth traveling for tucked at the eastern edge of Dutch country.

  6. John, it makes me so happy that you love Lil Miss Winnies. We go about once a week and I call myself their one woman advertising machine. I think it may be safe to say, you will be more persuasive than I. 🙂 Chef Kirk is a gem! My husband grew up with him and his amazing family. They deserve all good things.

  7. I am ot making this up. Near Lenoir City TN, there is a place called the Crosseyed Cricket, The local people have to tell you how to get there, and I can hear you laughing right now at the firections. Halfway there you will think you have been pranked, but it’s there. When you get there they hand you (really) a fishing pole and some worms and send you down to the catfish pond..When you have caught yourself a nice big cat. you take it to the kitchen door, tell them how you wany it cooked, and in a little while, here comes a big platter of your fish and all the trimmings, with a big frosty glass of sweet tea. sound good?

      1. Gosh, who’s nicer than you?
        I wanted to tell you, speaking of excellence, that I found “October Baby”, in a church library, and yes, darn you, you made me cry. ( I hate that.) I think we all just have to hope we hear that little whisper, saying “I forgive you.”
        So I wanted to thank all of you for that picture..

      2. Looking at all these “great shape” pictures, you’ll forgive me I tease you just a little. On the Smallville episode where the heart surgeon says “Jonathan you can put your shirt on”, did you hear all of us out here screaming,” NOOOOO”?
        But seriously, a couple of extra pounds on you don’t hurt my feelings a bit. Trust me, there’s a lot worse things in life than six-an-a-half feet of John Schneider on a white horse!

  8. Ya,But can’t tell..lol Tell Tom Hello,And I Love the Song I Downloaded I still feel that way,off the Album I’ve got UR Number..It’s Funny How I will say, I wish I knew how to write a song this is something I’d love to write one about ,Not long after there it is ,some one has wrote a song about what I was saying I’d like to,or Maybe there was one out there that I hadn’t heard up to that point and I’ll hear it and Laugh because some one else felt the same way, I had at some point in life..Do U remember doing the John Boy and Bill show one Thursday Morning,well This song reminded me of the fact, I had said If I knew how I’d write a song I still fell that way,lol U Know Life is to short to Fuss and Argue over the little thing that do really Matter any way.Some time’s we miss out on a lot because we let the little things matter to much..U know I never Made it to New Orleands I did Get to Springfield once UR Right it’s a nice place,U R living in a Great Place I know UR loving it there I didn’t Care Much for the area I lived in tho. My Parents lived in New Orleands when My Mother was about 7 Mo’s along with Me moved To Detroit Mich.. Just before I was Born..Funny tho because when I wasn’t quit a year old they moved back and by the time I was 18mos I had been taken to my Uncles and given to them,Memphis Tn..So,as U can guess I’ve Moved around a lot due to My Dads Problem,He couldn’t keep a job.So,when some one would say let’s go we went.I’m sorry ,lol U Didn’t ask for Life History did U ..Oh come on Smile ,lol If U didn’t on that one I know how to Make U smile I’d Bet on it..lol
    U & Tom have a wonderful Day..
    always and for ever…

  9. I just checked out the menu at Lil’ Miss Winnies…It does look incredible! When Randy & I go back to New Orleans, we’ll have to check out this restaurant!

  10. Near my home in Santiago, there is a italian restaurant, the food is amazing, but, the best thing is the owner. He walks between the tables and talks to people, Besides, he serves food……he is not a typical boss, he is involved in every task of the business…..and the gnochis are great!!!!!

  11. John, how interesting that I just had a similar experience. We’re in a small town called Ocala, FL not far from Disney and coincidentally, Daytona 500 is today. We didn’t want to go to the hotel for dinner so asked a local and he told us about a little New Orleans type restaurant, very inexpensive next to the Gazebo just like you had in Dukes of Hazzard. Harry’s Grille was that kind of experience, and mom and pop type restaurant that has been there for many years. I too love to support independent stores and restaurants. Much luck to them and to you in your new project. Good to see you are so close to Tom and can still enjoy and have fun in different places and venues. Best to you in everything you do.

  12. Hi John. I did get a surprise of superiority. This happened about 11 years ago. My youngest son, Tommy (9 yrs. old at the time), learned how to swim on the weekend because he wanted to take the water rescue class that’s given in public schools by the American Red Cross. Of course, knowing how to swim was a prerequisite for the class. So, he tried and tried until he was able to swim (with a little direction of course). Because he’d just learned how to swim, he wasn’t what they considered a strong swimmer. However, he was doing well enough that he was allowed into the class.

    Then, it was about a week after he’d taken the class, we went to a cookout/pool party. My husband at the time was over at the grill with his best friend and a few others. They were just having a good time, laughing and carrying on in their usual loud way. My oldest son, Jerry (11 yrs. old at the time), was on the trampoline with some of his friends. They were both far enough away from the pool that, with all the music, laughter and noise from the party neither of them would be able to hear anything from the pool area. Tommy was in the pool with some of his friends just playing and practicing more on his swimming.

    For the sake of this testimony, I need to interject my medical condition. I had injured my neck at work in 2001. I’d tried to work afterwards in 2003. However, the physical stress the job was putting on me caused me to learn just how bad the injury was. Within a 3 or 4 month period, I had collapsed 3 times on the job. I had severe disk damage that was allowing my bones to move freely in such a way as to pinch my spinal cord from time to time. I had no warning of when this was about to occur. However, when it did happen, down I would go. I’d have no control of my body at all, arms or legs, for up to 15 or 20 mins.

    Then, I did something I never should have done. I got in the pool to spend some time with Tommy! I’d been in the pool for approximately 15 mins. Tommy was clinging onto the side of the pool and I was out in the middle. The water in this area was well over Tommy’s head. Then, all of a sudden, I felt the bones move! They’d pinched my spinal cord again. All I could do was give a very quick shout and down I went to the bottom of the pool. I thought I was going to die because there was no adult close enough to have heard me with all the other noise going on. The next thing I knew, I saw a small arm go across my chest and under my arm. I was being lifted to the surface of the water. Tommy swam on his side so as to keep my head above water such as he was taught to do in the water rescue class. He swam back to the side of the pool. With one arm, he clung to the side and with the other he held my head above water until I could move again.

    Needless to say, I was quite surprised by what had just taken place. To save me after just learning how to swim and just taking the water rescue class a week earlier was indeed a miraculous rescue. Tommy, being so small at the time (he was very small for his age), without a doubt showed a tremendous amount of courage, stamina, a very strong will and above all his faith in God that He would give him the strength to be able to complete the task before him, which was to save his mother from certain death by drowning. I will always owe my life to God for giving him the strength and most definitely my son, Tom (I call him Tom since he’s now 20 yrs. old) for carrying out a rescue he’d just learned how to perform. He is truly a miracle to me. I will always love him and never forget what he did for me. He set his own fears aside. The fear of possibly drowning himself in the attempt to save me. He could have very easily got out of the pool and went to get an adult but he didn’t. He was fearful that I’d drown before he could get back with someone to help me. Therefore, he took it upon himself to save me. He will always be my hero!

    Oh, and by the way, he did all this with a bad heart! He’s had 2 heart surgeries at John’s Hopkins Hospital since this incident. Now, wouldn’t you call a little boy like that a hero too?

  13. i think my all time favorite restaurants are: 1.) The Dog Water Cafe. it wasn’t just good food but they also served ur food in dogs dishes. they did have locations in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida. i don’t think the Tampa Bay or St Pete’s locations r there anymore but i think the Clearwater location is still around. and 2.) The Hard Rock Cafe in Gatlinburg, TN. again it wasn’t just the good food but the fact it is the only Hard Rock Cafe in the world where u can get married.

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