Excellence unexpected

Every now and then you come upon something that is totally unexpected.

Like a Lamborghini parked in a numbered space in an apartment building.

Greatness from an unusual place.

Today was such a day.

My buddy Wopat had stayed in a little town in Louisiana called Springfield during our last “Dukes Festival” here in Livingston Parish. Ever since then he’s been talking about this restaurant that I “just had to try.”

We are filming in Covington, Louisiana this week on a project I am not at liberty to disclose but I promise you are going to LOVE it when you see it…

Well… I’ve lived here for a year and a half and was sure that I knew all the really good restaurants.

I was right! Kind of… anyway.

This place is not really good… It is really AMAZING!

Tonight he and I and or agent and my business partner went to the place he’d been bragging on for nearly a year that is kind of right in my back yard.

It’s called “Lil’ Miss Winnies.”

It’s in Springfield, Louisiana at 32114 Main Street and I have to say that if there is such a thing as a 6 star restaurant… this is it!

The food was amazing… the people who work/own the place are delightful and the price is a quarter of what it should be.

Again you see my passion for family run restaurants. There is something to be said for people who are “All In” in their place of business.

If you ever come thin way and if you are a lover of truly amazing food well presented, prepared and served… You have GOT to go to Lil’ Miss Winnies.

I promise… you will not be disappointed.

In fact… I would go as for as to say that you need to put a trip to Springfield on your “to do” list if you should ever come to New Orleans. The food here is a wonderful compliment to the tastes you will get there. The town is tiny and you would never expect to find culinary excellence in this delightful little room.

‘Nuff said.

Do you have a memory or story about excellence in an unlikely place? A surprise of superiority?

Do tell!