Yes! I got it back!

A few years ago I made a movie called “Collier & Co.” Many of you likely saw it. Hopefully you watched it with your kids and it reminded you of a certain show you used to watch when you were a kid!ย Truck___Trailer_For_Sale_004

Star Star Standing USE smaller
If you like cars… you will LOVE this movie!

I have been wanting to make another one because not a day goes by when someone doesn’t bring it up. “What happened to Collier 2?” they would say.

Here’s the story: The folks who distributed the film on DVD moved a lot of DVD’s. Several hundred thousand of them I believe!

Well… when the company went bankrupt… they never paid me.

Not a dime. Let me say that again… not a dime.

Not one… thin… dime.

Long story short… I loved that film… I lost my butt on that film… and to be honest… I lost some of the respect of my family on that film.Back_of_CD_box

I even thought I sold the “car-star” of the film on Ebay for almost 10 million dollars and was going to use that money to make “Collier & Co. 2”

The guy denied bidding. It was big news for a whole week. REALLY BIG!

Bummer. But that was then and this is now!

Don’t live in the past, John!

I am happy to be able to say that ALL rights to John Schneider’s “Collier & Co.” have reverted back to… John Schneider!

Nearly the whole gang that made the film. Don Gilley (who did 20 jobs including stunt double and actor) took the picture!

That’s me. I got my movie back!!!

And here’s what I’m going to do with it… Some time in the near future my team and I are going to open what we are calling “THE WORLDS BIGGEST DRIVE IN” and we’re not only going to show the film but also have an open chat afterwards for an hour or so exclusively for those of you who saw the movie at the “Drive In.”

Pretty slick, huh?

I’m not sure exactly when or how much admission will be but I wanted you to be the first to know that this is going to happen.

Tell me what you think of this idea and please pass the word about the Worlds Biggest Drive In!

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  1. i think it’s a great idea bout the drive in and the movie,i live in oklahoma and would make the trip to the drive in. look forward to it john. thanks jeff, bixby,ok

    1. I am calling it a “Drive In” but you will actually be watching it on your computer online. The reason I call it a “Drive In” is because everyone all around the world will be watching it at the same time from the comfort of their own personal favorite chair. Not actually a “Drive In.”

  2. I got the Collier & co movie and its good. There are a few actors I follow and will watch a movie to see if its good just because they are in in John Schneider is one and Bill Murray the other since going up in the 80sd Dukes of Hazard and Ghostbusters were so big. But with John also got CDs since he sings. My family and I went to Duke Fest in 2006 and got to see very one from the show and saw them sinin the grid ole opry, pure awesome. John was also kind enough to sign my Stl. cardinals book that had his pic in it. Hope the collier & co and the sequel does good for him and his family.

  3. John
    you and I watched the film together in Las Vegas when it debuted. I thought it was a great film and I know your fans who have not seen it will love it too !
    I would bring my family to the drive in for sure !

  4. I’m glad you did. You deserve it all Mr. Schneider. I love (and got my wife and kids into) Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville; and We also loved your Collier and CO. My wife and I also made your “Your The Last Thing I Needed Tonight” our song. We’re huge fans of your. Keep up the great work.

  5. While I have a hundred questions about filming, may I ask you the top five?
    1) A conversation between 2 characters is often shot from at least 3 different camera angles. Does the lighting have to be adjusted every time a camera angle is changed?
    2) Are the takes of a conversation sometimes done at totally different times? For example, the same conversation may start with a blue coffee cup on the table in front of a character & then randomly switch back & forth between a blue cup & a red cup during the sequence leading you to wonder if the angles were shot with some time in between.
    3) How are the many different angles of the same conversation put together to make it look so seamless on screen?
    4) How long does it take to film a 45-minute TV show?
    5) How long does sprayed snow last & is it expensive?

    1. The lighting is adjusted every time the camera moves.
      Takes are done in order if at all possible. Scenes are shot in order of locations (All scenes in a restaurant in a film would be shot at the same time so that we can wrap the set and move on to the next one).
      If the coffee cups change color then the script supervisor isn;t paying attention. It’s their job to enforce and monitor continuity.
      As many angles as are necessary.
      7 working days is the norm.
      Potato flakes.

  6. Could we goo back just briefly to Men are from Montana? There is a pretty little song called I Can Talk To You, and at the end is an achingly sweet line that says No one knows me like you do. Remember it? Now that is the real key. We each need to be the expert on our own spouse. What will it take today to make my spouse feel really loved? What is Charlie comes in,, the wife wraps her arms around his neck and says, baby..when you come in here all dusty and sweaty. i just want to rip your clothes off. What then?

  7. Excellent news about Collier & Company; we can’t wait for Part #2! As a side note, we sent a little (okay, a rather lengthy, lol) fan-mail message via f/b. Its a ‘good’ piece of fan-mail though! God bless you, my friend, and we thoroughly enjoy your wonderful outlook on the blessings that life offers us all!

  8. Reblogged this on therealmysterywoman and commented:
    2 Great Movie’s I Have Both Copies and love them,If U don’t have them and Haven’t seen them U Might Want to Keep A Check for where and when This Will be taking place.So U can Make Plans to go..And If there is no way of going for U ,there might Be away of Getting Copies..I’ll Check with John and Post For U Later..Have a Great One …

  9. Where is the worlds Biggest Driven away ? I mean There isn’t one still open around here they all Closed,I heard one reopened But,Not real sure about that,Yes,That really Is A Great Idea,But Which Copy Will U Be showing the First One or The Dir’s Cut ..I Have Both as U Know But,for those that don’t Both R Great Loved them Both..Oh,U didn’t say will there be a Collier & Co 2 Now ? And Did I Ever thank U for the Photo U sent with the Dir’s Cut ? I used it for Back Ground for a Very long time,When My Computer Crashed And I lost every thing I never got it back in to be able to use it,But I still use UR Photo’s tho I want say what I use as a
    Any way ,U have a Great Shot Of the Guy’s Posted..Thanks for Sharing UR Great and Best New ever..Always and Forever…

  10. Big fan! Loved the Dukes of Hazzard. Watched every episode as a kid and once in a while when I find some free time between work and family time I try to catch a episode now and again. In fact my dream one day is to own a general lee. But don’t see that in the near future. Maybe when I retire! Anyway I have been hearing about this movie and would like to see it. Is it on Netflix or perhaps maybe on Amazon?

  11. So glad you got your rights back. It must have driven you nuts. I personally feel no one should be cheated out of what is rightfully there’s .EVER!!!! Good luck with #2 can’t wait.

  12. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on getting back what was rightfully yours to begin with! I’m sorry it took such a toll on you over the years, but God made things right and this can once again be a shining star for you!

    I think showing it in a drive-in is a WONDERFUL idea! I’m very excited about seeing the movie again in your drive-in theater – I just hope it will be shown close enough to me where I can make the trip.

    USA citizens need to take better advantage of nostalgic movie-viewing methods. Drive-ins were cool a few decades ago and they’re still cool now! I also hope you will be able to accompany your movie to a few theaters around the country so people from multiple geographic areas will be able to celebrate this along with you.

    Again, congratulations!!!!

  13. The business is so dang complicated, good thing you’re so smart. But you have to wake up every morning and say, I Forgive Everybody! (Resenrment is never of God.) And don’t worry, everything that’s yurs will come to you.
    Your friend, Charlene

  14. I’m very pleased to hear that you got the rights to Collier back, John! Loved that movie! Where would your World’s Biggest Drive In be? Near your studio in Louisianna? What makes it the Biggest drive in? Sorry for all the questions, but writers are curious people — as you know!

  15. Not sure what you mean the worlds biggest drive in and I never saw the movie but I would love to see it so good luck to you John

  16. I am SO happy to hear this! I LOVED Collier and Co: Hot Pursuit! Heck, my friend and I were even happy to be included on the Special Features right after the talk about the childrens hospital! It goes right into Dukes Fest 07! SUCH a great movie and I loved every minute of it! Please please please, show the movie out here in PA or NYC! It’d be GREAT to see it on the big screen! LOVE that movie!
    Peace and Love to you always John!

  17. Where would this, “World’s Largest Drive In,” be located? I am sooooo happy & excited for you. It was an awesome movie! I remember when you did some filming for the second one at Dukesfest 2007. You have me & my family’s full support. By the way, my daughter is taking classes with, “Barbizon.” I don’t know how good this company is. Her email is, “” if you want to inform her on what you know about this company. also, her number is 615-483-3962. And her name is Tammie

  18. Loved collier and co… Great movie for all…. Been wanting to see and enjoy the second one…. Didn’t know you had all that drama to go thru… So sorry but excited to know you’re back with ownership! Would love drive in idea… Is this real drive in or how will this work? Anyway I’m very happy for you John… Keep FAMILY shows alive….

  19. John, I’m so happy that you have your movie totally back and that you are going to have the world’s biggest drive in. Brilliant! WHERE and WHEN? I certainly want to attend. I have several copies of Collier & Co. and would like to know more about it and if there will be a Collier & Co 2! Good luck, God speed, and count me in!

  20. It’s a great idea. I love it. I’ve seen Collier & Co a few times now. Once with my mum and dad. they loved it too ๐Ÿ™‚ My friend David actually bought me the dvd when he saw you in Nashville last year and you and Elly both signed it. So Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I am disappointed to read that you got nothing out of the first movie financially and lost every thing. I am glad you are planning on making a collier & co. 2 now that you have the rights.

  22. Please bring it Down Under! great that you were able to get it back, I had heard from your Favourite hits album some of this story. It is a great movie and I enjoyed watching your family play a big part in it! The drive in idea sounds like fun and what better way to see it then on the BIG screen all the best

  23. That’s great news, John! And now we’re on that topic, this may be a good time to release that song you’ve made “On the cover of the eBay motor news”. Please put it on iTunes or wherever so we can buy and download it. Would be great!

  24. John there are some people like me that can not see what you post to FB that includes your blogs. When people share them they come up as attachment unavailable. Even though I get your blogs through my email box other fans might not be able to see things when you put things up. You might want to check your settings sir

      1. In your privacy settings, you can set them to public, private, friends of friends, or just friends. You might have something set to private, being some cant see your post. I’ve had this happen before.

    1. I’ve never experienced any problems with the site. Perhaps your Explorer or whatever is not up to the latest version, Kimberly. I hope you won’t continue to have problems. Ask your carrier too. You can always ask me to send the Blogs to you as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m always happy to share John’s fun writings.

  25. That’s so great! wonderful news! Congrats on getting your movie back. It was a great movie & am excited at your World’s Biggest Drive In idea, So good your overseas fans won’t miss out. Thank you for that. Can’t wait!!

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