Yes! I got it back!

A few years ago I made a movie called “Collier & Co.” Many of you likely saw it. Hopefully you watched it with your kids and it reminded you of a certain show you used to watch when you were a kid! Truck___Trailer_For_Sale_004

Star Star Standing USE smaller
If you like cars… you will LOVE this movie!

I have been wanting to make another one because not a day goes by when someone doesn’t bring it up. “What happened to Collier 2?” they would say.

Here’s the story: The folks who distributed the film on DVD moved a lot of DVD’s. Several hundred thousand of them I believe!

Well… when the company went bankrupt… they never paid me.

Not a dime. Let me say that again… not a dime.

Not one… thin… dime.

Long story short… I loved that film… I lost my butt on that film… and to be honest… I lost some of the respect of my family on that film.Back_of_CD_box

I even thought I sold the “car-star” of the film on Ebay for almost 10 million dollars and was going to use that money to make “Collier & Co. 2”

The guy denied bidding. It was big news for a whole week. REALLY BIG!

Bummer. But that was then and this is now!

Don’t live in the past, John!

I am happy to be able to say that ALL rights to John Schneider’s “Collier & Co.” have reverted back to… John Schneider!

Nearly the whole gang that made the film. Don Gilley (who did 20 jobs including stunt double and actor) took the picture!

That’s me. I got my movie back!!!

And here’s what I’m going to do with it… Some time in the near future my team and I are going to open what we are calling “THE WORLDS BIGGEST DRIVE IN” and we’re not only going to show the film but also have an open chat afterwards for an hour or so exclusively for those of you who saw the movie at the “Drive In.”

Pretty slick, huh?

I’m not sure exactly when or how much admission will be but I wanted you to be the first to know that this is going to happen.

Tell me what you think of this idea and please pass the word about the Worlds Biggest Drive In!