Enjoying life in the swamp

I wish you could hear what I hear right now…


Beautiful, right?

There’s something about tree frogs and bullfrogs and… well… ummm… frogs. They have a certain rhythm, cadence and tone that I find very relaxing.

Getting the studio ready here has and is quite a chore. I like chores. Chores keep you young.

Today Robert and I moved a dance club or roller rink full of bench seats into the screening room. Pretty cool to watch a 1910 house come together from furniture you foraged from the out buildings! It has a certain randomness to it that I like.

I think that’s why I like the swamp so much. It’s random. Not planned. Not symmetrical. Beautiful.

I find that about every decade I have to escape to nature. The mountains, the ocean, the swamp. It feeds my soul.

What feeds yours?

It’s important to feed your soul. Don’t starve it. read, write, converse, walk, think… The good stuff.

I write every day. I read every day (check out Spotless & Friends on FaceBook) I workout every day, learn something new every day and I try to have at least one good conversation every day.

These things feed my soul.

Are you feeding yours? If not… it’s time to get on a steady diet of soul feeding.

18 thoughts on “Enjoying life in the swamp”

  1. I am Catholic. Once a week I spend an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament. There is something about spending that hour or so in prayer and adoration in the wee hours of the morning, that I can’t seem to do without. I find that that one hour a week outside of attending Mass, is what I need to feed my soul.

  2. Are the plans to make the 1910 house a useable set for filming? Does a studio have available set pieces or does the responsibility for providing that fall on the production group of a particular film?

  3. I enjoyed this post, John! Sunshine, family time, reading, writing, fresh air and the occasional pizza all feed my soul. I’m dedicated to what I like to call a ‘slow lane life’–oh, we get out and about plenty, but we don’t run on a hamster wheel. Life isn’t about a destination, tis about the journey 🙂 Wishing you plenty of what feeds your soul.

  4. That’s the sounds of John naturalesa are beautiful and relaxing there like being in an open field as me personally place I love these are places where I feel better and I miss love miss being in these places

  5. I love the swamp too, John, even though I’ve only been to Louisianna once! But nature has always fed my soul. I love hearing the peeper frogs in the spring in my backyard. I also love to hear that you are enjoying your passion of building your movie studio and back lots! Makes me happy…You as an actor, singer, writer, director, producer also makes me happy. Can you tell I’m a big fan? LOL Have an inspiring day, my friend!

  6. John, Your post reminds me of your song your composed: “I Hear A Callin’.” You expressed yourself so eloquently in music and lyrics: “When I close my eyes I can see visions miles of mountains endlessly high…green in the memory etched in my mind…take me home back where I belong…music takes me home.” I believe you wrote this when you filmed Disney’s WILD JACK. The theme is the same…getting back to nature. Art imitates life. Enjoy your new studios.

  7. I went to camp on that piece of property when I was a kid, and that’s one of the memories I have….the frogs. I remember lying in my bunk at night and listening to the steady sound of the frogs. It’s a great place to be.

  8. What feeds my soul is, I like to hear great music you know the kind of music that doesn’t have a synthesizer in it. At times I don’t even need to hear a voice. A great piano or guitar player usually works just fine for me. I like to go walk by a body of water and look out onto it and just watch the ripples that the wind or the ducks make. I like it when the sun is out and 68 degrees with a light breeze.

  9. Your so right on, I’m trying to get back to the country I’m ready for acres of nature! The pics of the dock and the water are great. I love what you ask. What feeds your soul? ……. What feeds my soul? Earth, Music, Truth, Love, and Joy. and the concept of the importance of leaving encouraging footprints behind when I am gone. 🙂

  10. I hear the frogs! and not by magic but because I hear them pretty often where I live, I also find that sound very relaxing. There is something about Louisiana that makes this place special, almost magical! it has a little of everything. When I get really stressed out I also like to go to places where I can relax, think, write.. and let my imagination work even more. It is also easier to feel closer to God in quiet, pretty places like these where you can see His creation and enjoy it. Life now is pretty complicated and demanding, that’s why sometimes people don’t take the time to do those things that feed their soul but I find it really necessary to do it, at least I know I cant go on in life without those moments, it is my “me time”, the gasoline I need to make my car (body) go on.

  11. Yes,I agree The Country Sounds are about the Same And I have always loved them..Enjoy..And I also Agree with the work ,I have always Said I’d rather Fall to sleep from Working Hard all day than from Sitting all day and Being Bored to death or some other things That I could Name,I talked to My Brother about UR Samsung Phone and I hope this Is Some good News,He said It wasn’t Samsung to blame It was the Developer of the Program or Update,I hope that will Help with the being a fan of Samsung at the very least..Have a great Night…

  12. I have always wondered what you have been up to,Hope all is well.i like
    to see you do more acting.whatever that might be.Keepup the great work ok

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