Enjoying life in the swamp

I wish you could hear what I hear right now…


Beautiful, right?

There’s something about tree frogs and bullfrogs and… well… ummm… frogs. They have a certain rhythm, cadence and tone that I find very relaxing.

Getting the studio ready here has and is quite a chore. I like chores. Chores keep you young.

Today Robert and I moved a dance club or roller rink full of bench seats into the screening room. Pretty cool to watch a 1910 house come together from furniture you foraged from the out buildings! It has a certain randomness to it that I like.

I think that’s why I like the swamp so much. It’s random. Not planned. Not symmetrical. Beautiful.

I find that about every decade I have to escape to nature. The mountains, the ocean, the swamp. It feeds my soul.

What feeds yours?

It’s important to feed your soul. Don’t starve it. read, write, converse, walk, think… The good stuff.

I write every day. I read every day (check out Spotless & Friends on FaceBook) I workout every day, learn something new every day and I try to have at least one good conversation every day.

These things feed my soul.

Are you feeding yours? If not… it’s time to get on a steady diet of soul feeding.