Rethinking my fanaticism

Okay… don’t you think that an update for a phone should make the phone better?

I do.

And… don’t you think that if a company is smart enough to design a phone that winds up being your favorite phone ever that they must be a pretty smart company?

Sure. Makes sense.

Further… don’t you think that a company that is smart enough to make a great phone like the Samsung Note 2 is also smart enough to know that when they put out an update that is going to ruin your phone that they know it ahead of time?

Sad… but true.

Read that one again… I’m saying that they intentionally put out an update that people like me would naturally opt for because we trust them KNOWING FULL WELL that it was going to cut my batterie life in half and make my amazing phone not so amazing any more.

Intentionally is the key word here.

Why would they do that?

The only reason I can figure is that they were intentionally destroying a model of their phone so that the people who own it, like me, would have to go out and upgrade to the Note 3.

I mean… can you think of any other reason? Was it an accident that they destroyed the Note 2 with a single upgrade that did nothing but effect the batterie life of the device?

This makes me angry. I am a HUGE Samsung fan and am now having to rethink my position. My fanaticism as it were. (I have the television and just ordered their washer and dryer) I don’t like a company that would:

A – Do such a thing intentionally

B – Be uneducated enough to have done it unintentionally.

Anybody else out there with me on this?

23 thoughts on “Rethinking my fanaticism”

  1. Can;t believe there’s no comment on this. Come on, where are all the techies who know how to fix this? But John – my dear– listen. anything you reallly like will be discontinued. All I can say is never be surprised. The inmates are running the asylum. Try not to let it get you down. Good Luck

  2. John – my dear- listen, anything you really like will be discontinued. I’m older than you, I’ve seen it a hundred times. All I can say is just never be surprised.
    PS If anyone is smart enough to work this out, it;s you. Good luxk

  3. I know exactly how you feel! We had intentionally bought a phone that was dust, water and shock proof (I dropped my phone a lot.) and the cell provider made us change our plan to getting a bill every month instead of paying for what we use. I guess it is our punishment for not going the store and buying it directly from them but opting to buy it off the web. The same company also turned off our phone when we had one that did not use a GPS chip in it. We had no inner net to the house and they e-mailed us a warning that they were going to shut off all phones that did not come with that GPS chip installed by the manufactures (a Congressional law introduced by the cell phone companies).

  4. Hi John samsung brand is a good brand but if the manufacturers of this company you are failing in their products can try other brands that are very good too Nokia and Sony Ericsson I have latter

  5. Yes, I can see how that would be very aggravating. Sorry that you’re having trouble with it. I don’t own a very new cell phone, so I don’t know much about these “latest upgrades”, but I would certainly think they should be something to improve your phone, not destroy it. It seems that many things we use today are made to last a little while, so that the big companies can make more money when you have to buy a new one. Everyone wants more money, I guess. It sounds kind of like the verse: For the love of money is the root of all evil: (I Timothy 6:10a)

    Well, I hope you’ve been able to straighten everything out that you could, although I know it can’t be easy… Stay safe, and God bless you and your family. Love and prayers. 🙂

  6. Hi John,
    I am a fan of Samsung too, and have noticed problems, and thought that I was just having bad luck with my phone. Every time I did the update, my phone would mess up, causing me to get a new phone. Yes, it made me angry. I am in TOTAL agreement with you.

    I’m a BIGGER fan of YOU! 🙂

  7. Sorry ,UR Having Problems with UR Samsung..They Make Good things ,But These days things aren’t made to last,About 2 Years if UR lucky More depends on the Company,It’s their way of keeping U buying.
    Some of the New Phones give U the Op to uninstall a Up Grade U can check under settings to see If UR’s Does..My Baby Brother had that to Happen to Him with a Phone and If I remember right he took it the Company he got it from and they helped him with getting it fixed but it Never worked right after so It really Didn’t help him to get the Up grade out.I do agree tho Samsung and LG seems to be the Best on the Market these days.Those Phones Cost way to Much to be having to replace in 6 MO. or a Year..Mind cost if I remember right 400.00 before discounts I only ended up paying little over 100 but still my god People these days don’t have that kind of money,No one has the Money to keep replacing Cell Phones every 6 Mo to a year..It’s a cry’en shame these company big shots getting Rich off the little people..Any way sorry ,U R having problems with UR Note 2..Have a Great one..

  8. I asked around .a tech friend of mine said to check your settings and shut off background updates.make sure your cell data is turned off and background refresh is turned off.this saves a ton of battery life!

  9. I’m with you 100%, John. Companies today seem to only think about ways to make money and not necessarily offer a quality product. I used to work for GE and all I can think of is the old CEO, Jack Welch, saying there is no loyalty to anything — even his company! He was one of the 1st CEOs to not care about tomorrow and only be concerned with how much money he can make today. The whole concept (didn’t) and doesn’t even make sense to me…because I care about quality. But quality involves time and time is not on your side when you want to make a fast buck.

  10. John, this is called in marketing “built-in obsolescence.” The background to this kind of thinking is that they do not want the consumer to be satisfied with one model, so they intentionally change things so that you will be forced into buying the next upgrade. Microsoft has done this for 20 years and many other multinational companies follow suit. Yes, it is quite an annoyance, but it’s the industry standard for 21st Century management in marketing. The car industry has been using this theory for years so that consumers will buy a newer model. If the customer were happy with a good product that outlasted its competitor, then there would be no reason for the customer to buy anything else. Good luck with your new phone.

  11. i had similar situations with my old blackberry torch. i hope i don’t run into any problems with the new phone i got yesterday the iphone 5S.

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  13. Hmmm. Funny you should mention that. The same exact thing happened to my Samsung S3 phone. All of a sudden the battery life was down to 6 hours. After upgrading, it fixed the problem. I agree – sounds like they are trying to get rid of the old stuff in a not so pleasing manner!

  14. There are three Samsung smartphones and a Samsung tablet in this house. Never had any trouble with the firmware updates. They all work fine. My phone is the oldest of the three. Have the Samsung Galaxy S2, my son has the S3 and my husband the S4. My phone has two new models above it and I gave it a firmupgrade not so long ago. It’s still the best phone I ever had.

    I think they didn’t do it on purpose. Why would they do that? Why would they take the risk to lose clients with an action like that? So clients buy the new note3? Don’t think they would do that. The risk is too big that people react like you do right now and never want a Samsung again, who switch to another brand.

    I agree with you though. If it’s unintentionally it’s pretty stupid. Cutting the battery time in half isn’t a little mistake but a huge screw up. You should think that a big company as Samsung would test their firmware intensively before you drop it on your customers heads. To make sure that things like this don’t happen. Like you said, you trust a big company like Samsung to know what they are doing when you agree with the firmware upgrade.

    But that said… we have three Samsung smartphones and a Samsung tablet and I still find it the best smartphones.

  15. Yes I agree with you 100%. I have a Samsung TV and Phone. They are smart enough to know the up grade won’t work. My daughter did an up grade and she had to have a factory reset on her phone. She lost a lot of things because of that. It’s just like when you take your car in to get it fixed. Then you have something else go wrong that you never had a problem with. I don’t like people who cheat you so they can make money. I believe if they would wear our shoes, they would not like it happening to them.

  16. Yes John. They did this with the update of the Galaxy S4. Why not with the note2? I feel like such a sucker and now I’m lost at to how to balance the scale of tech in my life.

  17. you know what… I had a touch screen for a while that was a Samsung and I hadn’t had it anytime it was a hand me down my dad upgraded gave me the old phone and I adored it until it got stuck on the Samsung screen that was it it wouldn’t do anything I tried everything on off all that and come to think of it after you mentioned that about the update …. I thought omg I remember seeing stuff about updates I never gave it a thought I wonder if it is a coincidence or if that was also one of those situations like yours… its really a bummer when something like that happens ur always doing something on the move more than the average bear lol….. I know you don’t exactly have time for stupid stuff to throw you off schedule ,,, seriously 🙂 whats did you end up with? have you gotten anything new im was thinking I want another touch screen like that one I had but im thinking now maybe ill shop around see what else is out there….

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