Rethinking my fanaticism

Okay… don’t you think that an update for a phone should make the phone better?

I do.

And… don’t you think that if a company is smart enough to design a phone that winds up being your favorite phone ever that they must be a pretty smart company?

Sure. Makes sense.

Further… don’t you think that a company that is smart enough to make a great phone like the Samsung Note 2 is also smart enough to know that when they put out an update that is going to ruin your phone that they know it ahead of time?

Sad… but true.

Read that one again… I’m saying that they intentionally put out an update that people like me would naturally opt for because we trust them KNOWING FULL WELL that it was going to cut my batterie life in half and make my amazing phone not so amazing any more.

Intentionally is the key word here.

Why would they do that?

The only reason I can figure is that they were intentionally destroying a model of their phone so that the people who own it, like me, would have to go out and upgrade to the Note 3.

I mean… can you think of any other reason? Was it an accident that they destroyed the Note 2 with a single upgrade that did nothing but effect the batterie life of the device?

This makes me angry. I am a HUGE Samsung fan and am now having to rethink my position. My fanaticism as it were. (I have the television and just ordered their washer and dryer) I don’t like a company that would:

A – Do such a thing intentionally

B – Be uneducated enough to have done it unintentionally.

Anybody else out there with me on this?