Whistle while you work

I have been having a blast (except for the time when I tried to cut the tip of my finger off!) working here at the studio.

Many magazines and business folk have flocked to hear more about it.

Click HERE for the latest.

It’s been a dream of mine to open a movie studio for as long as I can remember. I always wanted a place where I could put my crazy ideas on film and help others do the same thing.

I am delighted to say that it’s happening!

However… It is happening as a result of hard work and sticking to my guns. It’s amazing how many people will  step in front of you to say that your dream can’t come true. Is too big. Is unrealistic…

Funny thing is… this time everyone is all for it. My friends and family and co-workers are behind the whole idea.

Feels good… no… great!

But… I want you to look into your mind, heart and soul and find your dream. It’s there. Maybe just under the surface… maybe deep down inside… but it’s there.

If your dream has been squelched by someone… a group of people… or even the weight of life and life’s responsibilities… I urge you… dare you even… to resurrect that dream. Blow the dust off… pull it from the mud… chip the concrete off of it with a pocket knife if you have to and start going for it.

You’ve been given one life. I believe we’ve all been given a dream… a design. I also believe that we can’t fully function to our potential until we are operating within or design… our dream. Operating short of that is like running on ice.

The illusion of movement… of achievement.

Rachel Handler is fantastic in Smothered. She didn’t let a car accident get in the way of her dream.

Only YOU know if you are living your dream. Working it (living your dream means your are headed in the right direction. It doesn’t mean you’ve gotten there!).

Smothered is the first of many rungs on my dream ladder. Are you climbing yours?

What can you do today… right now… to head yourself from your head to your toes in the right direction?

Seize it!


30 thoughts on “Whistle while you work”

  1. Hello John,
    I am writting to you here to tell ya that I love the page.
    And your welcome on having the dukes back on the air after35 years..
    Hope that sometime u ever in maryland let me know and we can have lunch. Take care Friends Pete

  2. You’ve certainly jumped in at every opportunity to learn every possible aspect of the industry (including how to clean porta-potties 🙂 Wishing you great success combining the art of visual entertainment with the art of business management. You’ve earned it!

  3. Mr. Schneider, Camp Singing Waters is like a second home for me and my family. We worked at the camp since 1986 with Sam and Mike DiMaria. Sam had to sell the camp later on in years. Mike was buying the camp back a few years back, but was not able to make a go of it. If you see any way that I and my son can be of help to you we would be delighted to help or work at the camp. I was a cook for staff and children that stayed at the camp, My son was ground keeper and maintenance. If there is any kind of way to help, please let us know. We live here in Holden. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Rose and David

    1. Rose and David,

      I would love some help sussing out where all of the pipes go! My friends and I are scratching our heads trying to figure out how to get the cams waters “Singing” again! Please feel free to stop by tomorrow or Monday as I will be here with shovel in hand.

      1. John, my husband has worked on pipes before and might be able to help you. We also live here in Louisiana, near Holden, if there is a way we could help you, we would be happy to do it. He also knows about installing AC units, he could help with that as well or in anything you might need and wouldn’t charge you. I don’t know how I could help but if there´s something I could do also let me know. My husband works from Sunday to Friday but we can go there on Saturdays 🙂

  4. I am trying to climb my “Dream Ladder” right now! I have been a fan of yours since I was very little. I would be forever grateful to meet you and have a picture taken together.

    My heart started beating faster when I read about your studio. I live in Albany, just 10 minutes from Holden.

    Another exciting possibility is seeing your film crew in action. My son, Daniel, is 8 years old. I homeschool him because he has Autism (Asperger’s), and needs more one on one. But, he dives deeply into subjects he’s interested in. He has asked me a lot of questions about how films are made. What a field trip that would be if you’d allow a brief visit.

    You’d make my year, Mr. Schneider!

    Rachell Vicknair
    225-567-6981 (home)
    504-909-9790 (cell)

  5. Well, it sounds like your autobiography is going to be a LONG time coming. But gosh. we have so many questions, like who came up with the creek-jump yell, and did those people really believe you were 24, or did they just not care?

      1. I’m betting once they SAW you they didn’t care, and I was pretty sure the yell was yours. Pretty hard to teach somebody that. One more question: Is there an address where a person could send you a birthday card that you would actually get? We have (almost) the same birthday.By the way, I think it’s so nice of you to answeer all of this,stuff.

    1. Putting in a big piece of glass in the main house here. 45 pounds… fell out and landed on my finger. If I didn’t have gloves on I don’t think I’d have the tip of that finger now!

  6. I firmly believe in living your dream and I think a person is healthier for it as well. I’ve always been a songwriter, but only recently realized exactly how I want to live my “songwriting life” — always doing it my way and not being concerned about pleasing record labels or radio. I want to bring quality back in entertainment!

  7. I’m Very Proud of U and For U,And I’m so Happy that UR Happy with The Way UR Life has been and Is,That in it self means a lot,I’ve set here 2day thinking a lot about mine,And I really for some reason have though a lot about one of UR songs The REAL DEAL..U see I only want Happiness in my Life to be truly loved for who I am and to be truly Happy I fully believe we have to be who we are the Real Deal,And Knowing Our Hearts and full filling all that we can of Our Dreams is our Happiness to A point But we all want to be able to share our Dreams with those around us More so with some one Special that one person we love dearly and it’s great when we can….At this Point I don’t see that for Me,I don’t see how to be 2 Different People who I am and who some one else wants me to be,I can only Be who I am and If that isn’t Good enough then How Can my Dream ever be if I can’t be who some one else thinks I should Be,U see I’m Just a Country Girl and I can’t Change who I am ,I can only Wish with all My Heart That was good enough ,that I could be excepted for what was in my Heart not what some one thinks I should or shouldn’t be…Have a Great and Wonderful day and a safe week end…Always and forever…

  8. Dear John,

    I love this post! A lot!

    I found your blog searching for you, ‘cause well, I’m following my dream.

    At age five I fell in love with Universal’s classic monster movies. Lon Chaney’s THE WOLFMAN resonated deep within my soul, and I felt the magic possible by creating a new reality. I was hooked, and fully convinced that I would be Hollywood’s next biggest filmmaker. At age nine I began making regular and super 8 mm movies – stop motion, monster movies, etc. While most kids played in the summer, I spent hours in my bedroom (a makeshift film studio) making movies. I was well on my way to living my dream.

    I am now 47….wondering how I let that dream die. It’s complicated, but I locked that dream away, graduated high school and got my engineering degree, landed a government job, got married, had a family, and well, time does fly. My mother’s death seven years ago re-ignited that spark, and three years ago I partnered with a film student to begin living my dream. It was as if I awoke from a 29-year-creative coma. I feel alive again. From my earliest memories, filmmaking has been in my blood. It is why I’m here, and this is my second chance to follow my dream, to really live.

    I thought twice, and three times before posting this, having learned the ins and outs of Hollywood a bit, the agent/actor filter (more often seems like a barrier) and my frustration with trying to connect with those in the industry who share my deep passion for filmmaking, for following a dream, for life. But this is it, my second chance and I’ve decided that I will dream huge, take risks, and have no regrets. This is your personal blog, and so maybe, just maybe, the lights of Hollywood aren’t to be found.

    From what you’ve written in this blog, I’m incredibly moved, and inspired, by the passion behind the pursuit to live your dream. That is the journey I’ve been on the past three years, along with the daily struggles and voices in my head telling me I’m too old to do this. Your post provides one more pat on the back silencing those opposing voices, so thank you!

    You’ve rolled around my head the last year or so – my writing partner and I crafted a screenplay and you were the one we chose to play one of the main characters! It is an ensemble cast, and I fully believe that whether through this personal blog, or your agent, we will meet. But to read your post, I was compelled to comment and connect in a personal way, because just like when I was five, the dream was never about the money or the fame, but the passion…and I sense that in you, too. My soul soars when I write and create, and this is it, my second and only chance to finally live out my design and purpose.

    To Destiny,

    Steve Gallie

  9. wow John! this post really gets to me. I don’t know how many people in my life have told me I dream too big, that I should stop dreaming, etc..but I don’t stop because I know dreams can come true and you are an example of this. God bless you so you continue inspiring us and remind us we could do anything we put our mind to no matter what others say

  10. John, I’m so happy for you finally realizing your dream of building your own studios. Please be careful, remember you are still a musician and need your fingers to play your sweeet guitar! You have worked hard and long, and you are an inspiration to us all.

  11. Uf! That was an avalache of energy and strength to rescue my dream from the depths and make it real…I can only say to you…thanks for remembering our dreams always.

  12. Great post and very succinctly said. So very happy for you – hard work and connecting with “your thing” is the combo. I left my full time job last year to pursue my art more fully and as crazy scary as it was, it woke me up and it has been pretty awesome. I am getting my art “out there”. There is a sense of pride and ownership in making it happen. Now it is an interesting mix of how we spend our days. I just read something recently that really had a big impact on me: we all have 24 hours in a day, no matter our socioeconomic place in this world, the same that Vermeer or Picasso had… so what we will do to make our masterpiece?
    Anyways – had to post as I am right there with you and again congrats.

    Show up and make it happen : )

  13. I love that your encouraging others thats what its about and I wish the very best to you! What do you mean you almost cut your finger off… ? B careful ❤

    1. somebody just said on TV you have to fall in love with process of becoming great thats what you must have done and continue to do its what your teaching others i thought of you when i heard it. have a great day

  14. Congratulations and best wishes with the new studio. We’re looking forward to seeing your future projects.

  15. It’s always been a dream of mine to become a country singer. Unfortunately am too old for American Idol. BUT I’ll rock out whenever there’s a karaoke machine near by. Lol

  16. This seems to me very well John’re getting what you set out and up more steps to reach the top and achieve your dreams so go ahead you’ve almost reached your goals

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