Why do they call him Stubbs?

My friend lawrence and I are headed to Florida from Louisiana. Baton Rouge specificly, to meet a man called stubs. We’re going to be talking to him about a possible reality show. But the burning question is, why do they call him stubs? Here’s a picture:

I will keep you posted on our progress! Keep coming back to the blog to see how we’re doing. Later!

In Pensacola now. Foggy. I switched over to shotgun so I could write more.

Here’s what I know about Stubbs… he’s into horsepower and making things go really fast in odd environments. I believe he raced a Swamp boat ON THE DRY GROUND against a Jet Ski in the water.

This is going to be a great trip!

Okay… wondering if these guys have anything to do with the nickname..?

More to follow…
…Or maybe it’s because of this:

That’s Phil. Not Stubs BTW…

Looks like if he told me why they call him Stubbs he’d have to kill me.

Not good.

I’m gonna keep digging and keep you posted. Keep coming back to this blog for an update.

I’ll blog about other thoughts again now.

That’ Dirt. Yup… Dirt.

I’m calling these guys the “Swamp Gangsters! ”

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