Time travel

I’ve been thinking about all the amazing experiences I’ve had over the years in this business.  Been smiling a lot!

It’s kind of like I can travel through time. Go anywhere I’ve been and relive it. You can too. It’s easy.

Seems to me that we have a choice in life when we look back on things. It’s pretty simple really. We can think back on the food times. .. or the not so good times.

Up to us really.

We have very little control over later today or tomorrow. .. but we have total control over yesterday.

I’m not saying we can change what has already happened but I am saying that we can recall the things that make us sad. .. angry. .. or those that make us happy. Make us smile.

When I see people reliving things that perpetuate misery I can’t help but wonder why they do it. It’s almost like holding on to things that hurt is some sort of badge of honor.

Me. .? I chose to remember the good stuff. The fun stuff. The stuff that makes me smile. Laugh. Grin.

How about you?

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16 thoughts on “Time travel”

  1. John, thanks for your post. I really needed it! Our family watched as our oldest daughter left today for basic training with the United States Army. Life is so short and too precious to squander on the negative! I time travel a lot with my scrap booking. Looking at the pictures make me smile and the kids get re-live those moments. At times some of those events happened before a few of them were born.

  2. Hey John what are you doing next I always look forward to seeing you movies I know your on the own doing your weekly show but icant afford any more on my direct tv

  3. Hi John, I haven’t introduced myself yet to you, My name is Viktoria, I was born in Sweden and moved to the Good Ol’ USA April 1978 I was almost 10 years old. My brother who a year older than I had died that past Jan 2, 1978 from suicide. So my parents (my mom mainly) decided a big change needed to be done, her sisters lived in America and talked her into moving the family here. I knew not a single American word and it was very frightening I gotta tell ya LOL, but with the help of cousins that spoke both languages here I learned it very well 🙂 The Dukes of Hazzard was one of the first shows I “fell in love with” and I enjoyed watching it very much, and Yes, Bo was a handsome one for sure LOL You played his part very well, You and Tom looked like you both had a BLAST with that show LOL. Of course Kathrine too (Always wanted to have he body!) My 7 Year old is watching it as-we-speak on CMT 🙂 🙂 Yee Haaww ha ha
    When you speak of memories – I have a lot in my life, My brother, I think of the good times we had, he taught me to tie my shoelaces at the bottom of our stairs in our Sweden home, we built snow caves in the yard in the winter time, and snow lanterns (snowballs made in the shape of a pyramid) He held my hand walking across the street. My sister(she’s blond), my brother and I (brunette) would grab tennis rackets(air guitar) and brushes (microphones) and be ABBA ( I am smiling right now thinking about it LOL) But you are so right, All my life I could’ve lived on the sorrow of losing my brother, my closest friend, and live a very sad life, but as you said, Live and remember to Good stuff, that makes you happy you were apart of that. I miss my brother even now, and yes, sometimes it makes me sad, and I shed a tear, But that’s ok, because I don’t make my life around it. I am truly thankful the time I got to spend with my brother, they will not be forgotten – Thank you John for being who you are – You have a wonderful spirit about you, You are an earthly angel among men, who the rest of us follow and learn from – God bless you and your family

  4. I got this quote from a brilliant friend of mine. The quote says, ” You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you REACT to it.”

  5. If we need energy and joy…we just have to remember the good times, good experiencies……the bad moments become of voyage of self-discovery. 🙂

  6. Nicely said Mary Lou xx
    I love traveling .Im getting to do what my father never ever end up doing , and that is seeing what Australia looks like. I makes me happy that i can get to see Oz , and i have pretty good paying job .. when i get the hrs 😉 I have traveled to Queensland (beautiful) by car , love going by car , Melbourne (Vic) twice , Adelaide (SA) visiting my Hazzard Friends when i can , possible chance i may get to USA next march .I remember the good times only . I love it , good memories for sure
    Go see your country if you can, its so worth it , dont hold back ,no regrets here in Australia , not to mention , working on Tasmania soon .
    Cheers Scootz

  7. I would rather go bk to the good times 2 but it seems only the sad times replay in my mind most of the time. Especially this last wk and a bit. As my 8 year old dog just suddenly passed away. And I keep thinkin of her final moments and then lead into thinking about ur dad and fairlight etc. But to end witha good thought congrats to u and elly on bein grandparents again.

  8. It’s a great way to think,But we can’t always Control what thought’s we Have..This I know for a Fact,there is things I would love to never ever think about,but things that happen can cause a Memory to hit U square in the face Like it or Not..That My Friend is life Good or Bad it is still life.I am Happy for U if Nothing ever cause’s U to remember things That Make U sad or Any thing other than Happy ..But,Life will and is Life Good or Bad and we as Human being have to deal with it as it is..
    Have a Great day,sorry to Disagree ..A wonderful thought tho..

  9. I heard once that you just don’t save memories of things that happen but also the feelings that the experiences in the past gave you. I tried to do it and It worked and when I feel bad I try to remember something in my past that made me feel good n somehow I can re live also the excitement and happiness that experience brought to me at the time and makes me feel a lil better 🙂

  10. Mr. John – I have to say this first…I’m already looking back on the “food” times as I’ve embarked on a lengthy weight loss journey. I can’t help but look back on the food times!!! (I’m sorry…but I love great typos!!!)

    As someone who also deals with major depressive disorder, I totally understand and agree with what you’re saying. We absolutely have to let go of the bad memories. Oftentimes my illnesses make it extraordinarily difficult to do that…but yet I know somehow that must be accomplished. So for others who are dealing with emotional illnesses, I encourage you to follow Mr. John’s advice. Keep on keeping on…do your best to focus on at least one good memory daily, no matter how challenging that may be.

    You’re the total package of inspiration – you have your head screwed on straight (which is not the norm for celebrities), you want to help people and you’re constantly doing things that DO help people (Children’s Miracle Network, personal appearances, your creative abilities, and most certainly by championing weight loss efforts and fitness for people), and you know how much your fans look up to you. By being true to yourself, you are a wonderful example.

    I’m sure I speak for countless others when I offer a heartfelt thank you for doing what you’re doing…for being yourself and letting us know you. Thank you for not being one of those celebrities who creates an army to keep people from getting too close. You have SOOOO much to offer to your fans, and you do a great job sharing and encouraging. Many thanks…

  11. Well put, Mary Lou. I agree entirely. However, sometimes I think it’s good to look back at the misery and hard times. It helps you to see where you came from and to be more thankful for the good times.

  12. The ideal way to live is to only remember the good times and you have a fantastic attitude, John. But sometimes things happen in people’s lives and it takes some time to get over the trauma. They have to understand it and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. They also have to be strong enough to walk away from people who are truly “toxic friends and even relatives.” But like anything else, if you work at you can improve a situation.

  13. I try to only think about good times. Sadly sometime the bad times do resurface, but mainly I focus on the good. I love your optimism it’s so contagious. I do love that photo of your little grand daughter Gia, it does make me laugh reminds me of some of the moments I have with my son when he has a tantrum 😉

  14. John, You have such a wonderful outlook on life. That is truly a gift. In my law enforcement career, I have seen misery, and as you say, people do perpetuate this kind of lifestyle. There are many excuses, but no good reasons for things people do to harm themselves or others. But having the kind of heart you do, and having your children learn those lessons from the way you lead your life, is a profound gift. No matter if you are acting, singing, writing, directing, or just having a good time, you engender a feeling of wholesomeness that other people find charming and attractive. It’s the essence of your soul. Thank you for providing a place for your fans to reach to you.

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