the writing process

Of all the things I have been involved in over the years I believe I like writing the best.

Writing Spot
Pondering on it

For example… I sat down last night with a piece of dialogue in my mind. Witty. Clever. Laconic. Next thing I know I’ve written nearly ten pages of a scene that wasn’t even in my thoughts before I sat down.

Writing is like that.

When I wrote “Smothered” it had marinated in my mind for years (two decades at least) which meant that when the missing piece showed up (the part about why in the world a group of serial killers would ever go camping together) all it took was sitting down and the script began pouring out of my fingers.

The process also includes “thinkin’ on it for a spell.” I like this part because I get to sit and ponder. I usually talk to myself and start by saying “So… this guy has a problem that he needs to solve in a big hurry. But he…”

Must look a little strange sitting there in my chair with my cigar and a nice draft talking to myself but hey… that’s part of the creative process.

If you’d like to read the screenplay for Smothered it’s available over to the right under “All things Smothered.” It will take you to PayPal and you’ll have to fork over $20 bucks but it’s worth it. “Smothered” is a fun script. Be careful though because the language is atrocious! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Here… I’ll make it easier for you. CLICK HERE if you want to buy the script and give it a read. (It will come to you via email BTW. NOT a hard copy).

As we continue to make more movies I will do my best to keep the scripts available for download. Some of my business partners frown on that practice but I think it’s great because you actually get an education of the filmmaking process here on my site. Right?

I am off to ponder for awhile and then pen some witty, clever and laconic dialogue for a new screenplay. No telling what’s going to happen when I start typing!