been a long time

since I’ve been to Sundance. Actually… last time I was here it was actually at Robert Redford’s ski resort.

Quaint. Small. Independant.

It’s pretty big now. No parking. Fans. Crowds. Swag bags.

Not so independent any more.

photo 1
Interviews at Sundance for Smothered. All about bringing filmmakers to Louisiana.

But still a lot of fun. Great to feel the energy of lots of people with the same passion. Making movies.

I saw a company that has re-designed the computer specifically for  editing and rendering purposes. Small. Lightweight. Fast. Great stuff.

My plan is to gather different people from all aspects of filmmaking and get them to come to the new studio ion Holden to set up shop and make their [products and services available to independent filmmakers in Louisiana.

Can’t wait to get different departments there up and running.

If you have the chance to hang wit people who are interested in what you are interested in (Beachbody Challenge for example) take it. There’s a synergy that happens in that situation that doesn’t hap[pen elsewhere.

Firefighters, lawyers, bowlers, botanists… whatever your passion… do what you can to spend some time with like minded people. It will fuel your passion.

Good times!