the moment

I can’t look at them without going back there. To that moment.

It was a moment in my life I’ll never forget. One I’m glad is there…


Karis my dad and I in Venice
Karis my dad and I in Venice


The moment would have happened without a camera there but it wouldn’t be what it is.

A reminder to all of us to be better parents. Better children.

Without Jeremy’s skill and professionalism it would have passed. It would have been gone forever.


Thank you Jeremy. From the bottom of my heart for not only being there but for having the immense amount of talent  you have cultivated that enabled you to capture it and to write about it so beautifully.

Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about


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  1. John, I’m so sorry for your loss. He will be with you always. I lost my dad in 1995 and it’s still hard and will be. I was pregnant with my first son and my dad knew he was going to be a grandpa but was not physically going to happen for him. I know he is always watching and protecting me.Those pics you shared made me cry cause I fully understand what you are going through. God bless you and your family.

  2. Mr. Schneider,

    I don’t know you at all other than through the television screen. I am; however, a professional photographer and I am deeply humbled by your sharing of these photos. My heart breaks for you in your loss.

    While we all seem to “expect” to lose our parents at some point, we are never ready when God calls them home. It is evident that you love your daddy dearly. You and your family will be in my prayers for comfort and peace as you move through this difficult time.


    Kellie Fluegge

  3. I had the privilege of meeting you briefly in Austin several years ago at a Doonby screening and your humility has always stuck with me. Thank you for sharing such a raw and true personal moment with us. I am truly sorry for your loss. I also love the jovial pictures your posted above of times with your father. They are memories that I’m sure you treasure. Again, thank you for sharing. I know the coming days and months will be filled with bittersweet times. Just remember the love that he filled your life with. Continue that legacy with your own children. You’re in my prayers.

      1. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. When I lost my Dad I was 35, and I will never forget the last hug I gave my Dad. He looked at me like I was his precious baby. I will cherish that until I am reunited with him in heaven. Thank God for the promise of eternity with our loved ones. Love and many blessings,

  4. Those images hit me hard. My father passed away Dec 24 2013…so it is all still fresh. Beautiful and vulnerable moment captured by an incredible photographer.

  5. John, I lost my mom in June 2011 and I also have a” moment” that will live in my memory for a lifetime. It was our last conversation. She said “I love you” and I said ” I love you too” She passed two days later without ever speaking again. I miss her terribly but have the blessing of knowing that our last words to each other were loving ones. I would not trade that one moment for all the world’s riches. God Bless you !

  6. You are correct in your thinking, John. All the events of that day surrounding your father’s death, happened for a reason. Maybe to capture that moment. Not everyone can have that moment immortalized. Your dad does live on through you and I’m sure, was very proud of you. I believe he’s up there talking and just hanging out with your brother. Amen!

  7. John …. I’m so sorry for your loss & I’m sending prayers up for you and the rest of the family that God will give you a peace in your hearts that you’ve never known before.

  8. John I am so sorry about your loss. Prayers sent out to you and your family. Know that your dad will always be there even when you least expect him. This makes you an even stronger person. Just remember to cherish the memories and to live out what your father has taught you. John you are one of my role models. As a kid all I ever wore was a yellow button up shirt blue jeans and a pair of brown cowboy boots. Run around acting out scene you would do from the show. I wanted to be just like Bo Duke. As a child I learned that family is everything and to cherish every moment you have with them. Good bless you and your family John.

  9. I’ve never been one to confront grief well. I never know what to say to a friend who”s experienced a loss, I’m sorry is so generic, I don’t want to say something like it gets easier with time, I don’t know if it does or will. I can say that you certainly have been blessed with many friends and its because you yourself know how to be a friend. If all the wonderful traits you posess is a testimony of what you gained from these wonderful parents of yours and from what I gather this is the case, then yes your Dad is and will continue to live in you and I have no doubt that on the other side he is still and always will be so very proud of you. ❤

  10. John, You Have My Deepest Sympathy and God Comfort You, Your Loved Ones and Entire Family + Just One Photo Can Bring Back The Sweetest Memories That You Will Hold In Your Heart Forever + Prayers Go Out To You My Friend + Take Care and God Bless +

  11. I deeply admire your strength, your dedication to your family, and your dedication to your fans. Thank you for being such an inspiration not only now, but in the past…and in the future.

  12. John, it really takes a lot of courage to show people what you were and still are going through. Thank you for allowing us to share in your grief. All of us have parents whether we are adopted or biologicals, and for you these feelings are a testament to a wonderful person who will always remain in your heart. I miss my own dad, and now that you’ve expressed yourself so eloquently in these pictures, I am reliving those feelings. Even though it is a bitter sweet experience, you have given me much to think about. Thank you for being so sensitive and bringing those feelings out in others.

  13. Read what you write your feelings, memories, feelings that affect your scope of employment, brings out sensitivity, your humanity, the depth of your toughts, concern and respect you have of others. This makes you even more attractive, etc. As if it were needed.

  14. He lives on through YOU! Through the image in the mirror and the compassion in your heart. He is a memory away and as long as stories are shared he is immortal. You were blessed and he was blessed to have such an incredible son. I am soooo happy that you had your big road trip. The best gift of all is knowing you are loved and you made sure that your dad knew that he was. Blessings always to the whole family!

  15. I’m always Happy That UR Happy,Because UR My Hero,And I know That UR A great Dad to UR Children,And I know that No Matter What U’ll Remember But,UR Right these Great Photo’s will Be a Great Memory Of that Day,and Yes the Day would have been No Matter what but,These will Bring the day to life for U,and in doing that Many other Memories as well…I know that to be very true when I see some Photo’s from the Passed I remember things to..They’re not Photo’s taken that day but,it don’t Matter it brings back the day any way because I start remembering what was said U see…?

    I Do Hope Shelia is well,I know as U say there is a Empty Place in her Life and NY ,But I Hope she is Doing well..

    If I could help with any thing I would U Know that..

    Have a Great and Safe Evening…

    Always & forever

  16. Wow those photos show so many emotions in one picture. You look so much like your dad and it’s wonderful you got to have him with you so many years. So many of us don’t get that chance. Hold on to the memories, I know you have made so many!
    God bless you and your family!

  17. John they are wonderful photos & memories. Again, thank you for sharing these precious times with us.

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