EZAutographs made… well… easy

CA20140114133711I was signing autographs at the Hollywood show last week when I had the greatest idea…

…well… someone else actually had it for me but I took it!

When I asked which picture they wanted, Dukes, Smallville, Haves and Have Nots or something else they said:

Oh no, dude..(that really IS how they talk in California) . I brought my own. It’s from Dream House.

I don’t remember ever printing anything from Dream House so he immediately had my attention.

Then he pulled out a tablet of some kind and flipped through some pictures… ummmmm… images. There it was. A really cool picture of me a Charlie Cross from Dream House.

Then he pulled out a stylus and handed it over:

Please, like (they use the word “Like” like a lot like out there too!) make it out to Chad from Charlie Cross and then your name.

In a few seconds he had his autograph, I had $20 and the same amount of inventory that I started out with.

A win, win, win situation if ever there was one.

Then he says the trigger phrase:

This is the only way I get autographs any more. They are all original… can’t get lost in the mail and they never fade.

Off he went to talk to my old friends from the Love Boat.

That’s when and where EZAutographs were born. I called them “Virtual Autographs” on the first video at the show but you get the picture.  I thought $20 was way too high so I cut it in half for a basic processing fee.20140106_182924

All you do is click on that link over there, go to the page you want (currently there’s only 3. Dukes, Smallville and Haves and Have Nots. I will build more if there’s a need. (In fact feel free to request pictures from different shows or movies I’ve been in and I’ll see if I can’t find them.)

They are numbered 1-9  for Dukes…  10-19  for Smallville and 20 (I only have one up) for Haves and Have Nots. Put the picture # the name you would like it autographed to and then a short message if you want (No message request will get “Yee Haa” for Dukes, “Thank You” for Smallville and I’m a baaad man” for HHN).

EXAMPLE: #1 Bobby Happy Birthday, #12 Andy You are Super-Man!, #20 Angie,

You’ll get the Dukes one to Bobby with Happy Birthday, the Smallville one to Andy with You are Super-Man! And the HHN one with my usual “I’m a baaaad man” made out to Angie. The 3 EZAutographs will come right to your email and you can print them in just about any size you want or even use pone as your screen saver!

It’s sooo simple.

I am not a computer programmer by any means so I’m not sure I have the Pay Pal buttons working properly. Go in there and take a look. You should be able to order several and have them go to the CHECK OUT function of Pay Pal. If not… let me know and I’ll fix it.

Enjoy your EZAutograph! Let me know what you think!


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  1. Hey Handsome!!! Photo #31 was that taken at the Ryman in Nashville, TN?? Also, I found the EZAutograph page but I’m not seeing where I place my order!

    1. There is an “Add to Cart” button on all of the picture pages. It will take you right to PayPal. Yes… that’s the Ryman. I am told I am one of only 2 people to ever sing “A Boy Named Sue” on that stage! Me and Johnny. Great company!

      1. Oh my gosh, the only thing that could have made your reply any better, would have been if you said my name!!!! I have to tell you that you were my FIRST CRUSH and when I grew up I wanted the General Lee!!! You look AHHHMAZING!!! 😉 I was at the Ryman for the first time last September for the ACM Honors – LOVE NASHVILLE!!!! I can’t wait to get my EZ Autographed picture of you!
        MUAH – On a different note I want to send you my condolences for the loss of your father and the pictures that captured “THE MOMENT” made me cry!
        Much love to you and yours!

      2. The page that has you at the Ryman only has pictures, no “add to cart” Just a paisley looking background with I think 6 pictures..

  2. John, I don’t have a link so I can order an personal autographed pic on my screen. I would love to have the Haves and Have Nots one if you could please help me or point to a link! Love your music and acting! Your are one talented and handsome man!
    Thanks, Carisa

  3. Happy Friday John! This is kind off base but I would love to see a new Dukes of Hazzard video game on the PS4 where you can actually exist in a virtual Hazzard county…you and Tom could do the voices of Bo and Luke…How awesome would that be!? Rockstar games the creators of Grand Theft Auto would be great for this!

    1. Hi, John, I just ordered 3 pics. But when I hit “New by Popular Demand,” there is no field associated with the new pics. So I went into Smallville and placed the information on those fields with the proper number of the pics and associated message. I will go to BACOJLLO to give you the same info in case Paypal doesn’t give you the full information.

      1. The numbers aren’t actually attached to anything. All you need do is write them down and put the info in the PayPal fields. Simple! I think I made it too complicated to begin with.

  4. I saw you on Rachel Ray -fun:)
    There is an article going around Facebook about you recently losing your father; I certainly don’t believe everything I read, but if it is true, I’m very sorry. I lost my dad suddenly 4 yea ago on New Year’s Day. Long story, but my family moved in with my mom, and we started getting into smallville; no cable and hadn’t watched it before. You must’ve done some good acting, because the episode where your character died hit home and got us good! Anyway, I hope it was just another Facebook hoax that I was reading.

  5. Hey John, so the autographed pic we choose, it is mailed right? We don’t print it? Unless we already own a pic of you and just want to send it by email and you sign it and email it back, correct? I saw you at Opryland many years ago and love watching you bring down the house on the Haves and the Have Nots!! Your a handsome devil!! Thanks in advance for your time and response!!

    1. Yes. If you email it to me I will sign it. However!!! I need to put a picture number on PayPal so you can make it happen. Can’t do that until tomorrow. The picture number will be #100.

  6. Hey, I wonder if I scanned a copy of the title page from my copy of the script from, “Smothered,” you could somehow autograph it the same way. I may try it next payday. I want it in “blue sharpie.”

  7. There is a certain photo that is my favorite. You have a bit longer hair and it’s styled back and you are kind of off to the right of the photo. You don’t have a smile per-say. Um it’s hard to explain without being able to show you. It’s not from any TV show I think it is from a CD or something like that. Oh you used it on your TBB page as a profile picture a while back and I see it on occasion around the Internet. I wish there was a way to show you what I’m talking about! UGH! I hope you know which one I’m talking about?

    1. Kimberly, is it the picture John is using in the left menu under “Extra. Extra. More current press”? I think it’s the one you mean, right? I only see that picture when I visit this site with my pc. I don’t see the photo on my phone. I only see a link then.

  8. Hi John, You asked about the suggestion I’d sent to you via Facebook. I’m wondering if you’d offer some ‘John’ photos too! Dave Elkouby posted an awesome one of you in a January 9 post on The Hollywood Show’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TheHollywoodShow). You’re such a good actor, and you’ve played some great roles, but I’d love to have an autographed photo of you – as YOU. I really enjoyed your blog about distinguishing between the real you and Bo Duke, and I think it would be great if you’d be willing to offer a personal photo too. Please think about it. Thanks so much! You rock!

    1. Yes. If you mean that you would send them to me and then I will sign them on my phone and send them back via email. No printing or trips to the post office required on my end… correct?

      1. Click on the add to cart button and select whatever number of pics you want signed.Then in the “note to seller” box say Personal pics and then who you want them signed to. SImple! Great idea!!

  9. Mr. Schneider,
    I saw you on Rachel Ray Show yesterday. I have watched Dukes an Have and Have Nots and so enjoy both . I just wated to say I like your blog!

    Have a wonderful week and don’t work too hard 38-)

      1. Mr. Schneider, I, too, saw you on Rachel Ray and really enjoyed seeing you out of character! It’s so hard to believe it’s been so long that I’ve been watching and enjoying your work! And, You really look fantastic!!!
        I was really never able to get into the “new” Dukes, you and Mr. Wopat are etched in my brain as Bo and Luke, and even “cousins” did not make the cut for me! I;ve always been an original kind of girl. I trieb to friend you on FB but was not able to. I did send a message because I’m a Kaniac! We’re hoping that this will be the Year of Kane as he has many things happening in his career. Had a difficult time watching you n Leverage, not used to seeing you as the dirty, rotten scoundrel. LOL! If you could please spread the ord about Christian Kane, we would so appreciate it. I know he spoke lovingly about you being on the show and it would mean SO much to him. He’s very active with his fans and adores them as much as we do him. I also want to express my sympathies about your father. I lost mine 1 year ago Thanksgiving, but it still hurts like it was yesterday. The pain lessens but never really goes away, I wish I could give you better news! Please keep doing what you do as your father wants you to be happy and that means entertaining the masses who love you!

  10. John, I used the program, everything worked perfectly. I bought some and wondered if you could make available that lovely portrait from Hollywood Show of just you taken two weeks ago. Thanks.

  11. I do hope I can meet you someday, John; it would be a dream come true. I’ve been even more excited about it ever since I found out that you were a born-again Christian, as I am! 🙂 I would also like to meet your wife, Elly. 🙂

    This autograph thing is indeed very nice, especially for people in another country, who may never get a chance to meet you. If I ever got an autographed picture, I think I would REALLY like to get one from Collier & Co. Hot Pursuit, perhaps with you, Elly, and Karis in it. I’m not sure if you would have any, but it would be nice. 🙂 I think that is about my favorite movie with you in it that I have seen so far. I’ve already watched it about 7 times! Lol 😀 Well, God bless you! Have a good day.

  12. Hello John,
    I’m the gal who spoke with you at the recent Hollywood Show about honoring you with the Southern California Motion Picture Councils Golden Halo Award…among other things!
    You asked me to contact you on this site, and to mention Monte Hale, so that you would remember me,
    Please let me know that this has reached you, as I may have other offers for you as well.
    Thank You!
    Julie Ann Ream
    Event and Awards Coordinator
    Western Legends Awards
    661 297-8923

    1. Julie- I am so happy to see that someone is finally taking note of John Schneider, and his tremendous talents. If supporters can do anything to help in him receiving recognition, please share with us. John does so much for so many, and it would be nice to do something for him.

      1. Thanks, Shari!
        I’m looking to offer the ‘ Lifetime Achievement ‘ Award to him…but need a quick answer! It would be presented at the St Valentine’s Day Ball Feb. 10th in Los Angeles during the Southern California Picture Council’s 79th annual Ball.
        I do hope to hear back soon..

  13. Let’s see if it works! Smart idea! Many people ask about HHN. Congrats on making J.R. Ewing look like a Boy Scout. lol

  14. EzAutographs? Now I know I’m truly getting old. I would much rather have the real thing. Oh these kids today!

      1. Make a neutral photo on the site with “fan pic” for ten dollars so that they can put that in the shopping cart. Then they can mail you a picture to a johnschneidersezautograph@gmail.com (or something like that). Or maybe there’s even a possibility that they can upload a photo and put that in the shopping cart or something like that. Just throwing something in the group. Don’t exactly know what you can do with paypal or wordpress.

  15. Do you have any other pictures of GRAND HOTEL? All I have is the Playbill with Cyd Cherisse. I could also request OKLAHOMA, BRIGADOON, THE CIVIL WAR…plays that we will never see on DVD unfortunately. Thanks for at least thinking about those rarities.

  16. You have been in soooo many television shows & movies, it will be hard to pick out which pictures to offer. I have a lot of the 8 x 10s from the old fan club days, back when your mom ran it.

      1. Hi John, This is a great idea! I messaged you on Facebook with a photo suggestion. I only ‘Follow’ you there, so the message would show up in your ‘Other Folder.’ 🙂 Hope that’s OK and that you might like my suggestion. – Carla

  17. Also just wanted to say watching the Dukes remastered in High Definition on CMT is like watching it again for the first time. I am noticing now more than ever some of the brilliant camera angles, beautiful scenery and props. The show truly was beautifully edited. The acting between Jimmy Best and Sorell Booke is brilliant and so underated. I am not sure exactly who did the casting but nobody could have got it more right! You and Tom Wopat have such wonderful chemistry. Whether it was in Dukes, singing, or in an interview, when I see you 2 guys together I feel like those are 2 cool guys I would love to hang with. I think we all feel that way! Have a good day my man!

      1. John, I can’t get it to work properly. When I clicked on #2, the program did not respond, so I went to Paypal hoping I would be able to give you a name and description. However, that only gave me an amount $10 and quantity (1). So I went to Continue Shopping, but that let to a pop up window “Do you want to close windows” Yes or no.. Yes loops back to the the Dukes page. I thought I would get back to you rather than hit Paypal when you wouild not know which one I wanted.

  18. Good morning John, hope you got that T25 in lol….I know me for one I am not a big autograph guy. For me an interaction, handshake, and saying I like what you do is what does it for me. I know though many are into it and thats cool. The fact that I have a means to interact with you in a small way on here is just awesome. As a kid growing up in the 80’s I never imagined being able to tell John Schneider, “Hey man I think what you do and who you are is great and thank you for making so many people happy with your work!” But now I do and have! 🙂

  19. Sounds Really Great John,And I Know YOUR Fun’s will Just love being able to Get Photo’s Of their Favorite Person even tho they unable to Come to Shows and events,and then stand in line all day and then Maybe You Run out of time before they get theirs,when I came to Nashville,I saw that line and said No way am I getting in that line,So I had to wait until the Concert to see You,Never the less I did see You and did get a Couple Nice Photo’s But,I would loved to have got one with you that Day,I had some one with me to take It for me.But,life isn’t always fair is it..lol
    But,I think This is a wonderful Idea,I do Hope that people will still Brave those line’s once in a while tho they Could never meet a more wonderful person.
    I know this will also help You out some with all the Mailing you have been doing to get Photo’s to those that have ask for them.

    Always Being my Hero..
    Always & forever

      1. I do to…You Work so Hard,Bless Your Heart.It seems You are always working or Going some where to work.
        A hero indeed..For Sure My Hero ..

        And You Never have to say thank You to me,for any thing,it a Pleasure to be able to do any Small thing to Help You in any small way..If there is ever any thing I can do You only need to ask…And I’ll do it and do my very best at it..

        Always & forever

  20. John,
    I really admire your capacity of creating things for being near your fans!!! I think it is a fantastic idea. In the previous post, you wrote about technology in these times,now, an autographed photo may be used like a screen saver ….IT IS GREAT!……Oh! I have a question….what is the mean of EZA??

  21. That’s one of the smartest ideas ever!!

    For people like me it’s hard to get autographs from people like you. Tried it ones for my son. You need to send an envelop to the US, you have to put an envelop with your own adress in that envelop. Now… that is where the problem starts… You have to put enough US stamps on it so they can send it back to you. And that’s the problem… You can’t buy US stamps in Europe. There was no way to get that autograph from the US to here.

    You’ve just completely solved that problem with a (rather simple) idea. Strange that no one thought of it before. You’re a smart man.

    I would pick the one you use in your left sidebar under “Extra. Extra. More current press” or one from Adrenaline.

  22. Very well John this is a great idea this will last long? because this is very good for those who can not come see you in person it would be a dream but no means to do this is very good

      1. John, When you do get it working properly, it will be a great boon to fans. I think to myself so many times when I’m on Ebay or Amazon, “Why am I sending money to other vendors, when these are John’s own pictures?” The price is more than reasonable. Onward!

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