EZAutographs made… well… easy

CA20140114133711I was signing autographs at the Hollywood show last week when I had the greatest idea…

…well… someone else actually had it for me but I took it!

When I asked which picture they wanted, Dukes, Smallville, Haves and Have Nots or something else they said:

Oh no, dude..(that really IS how they talk in California) . I brought my own. It’s from Dream House.

I don’t remember ever printing anything from Dream House so he immediately had my attention.

Then he pulled out a tablet of some kind and flipped through some pictures… ummmmm… images. There it was. A really cool picture of me a Charlie Cross from Dream House.

Then he pulled out a stylus and handed it over:

Please, like (they use the word “Like” like a lot like out there too!) make it out to Chad from Charlie Cross and then your name.

In a few seconds he had his autograph, I had $20 and the same amount of inventory that I started out with.

A win, win, win situation if ever there was one.

Then he says the trigger phrase:

This is the only way I get autographs any more. They are all original… can’t get lost in the mail and they never fade.

Off he went to talk to my old friends from the Love Boat.

That’s when and where EZAutographs were born. I called them “Virtual Autographs” on the first video at the show but you get the picture.  I thought $20 was way too high so I cut it in half for a basic processing fee.20140106_182924

All you do is click on that link over there, go to the page you want (currently there’s only 3. Dukes, Smallville and Haves and Have Nots. I will build more if there’s a need. (In fact feel free to request pictures from different shows or movies I’ve been in and I’ll see if I can’t find them.) Continue reading EZAutographs made… well… easy