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  1. Hey Jonathan, not sure if you remember me but I’m Beryl’s daughter (from N.Y.) Having a hard time communicating with mom since her hearing has gotten the better of her. Was trying to let her know that Pete passed back in December and then his brother Grant a week later. Would really like to keep in touch every now and then rather than on the radio or on here since our moms were so close. Please give her my best and tell her that my son still remembers visiting her on our way to Grandpa’s house. I hope you and your family are doing well and look forward to hearing from you. Allen is unfortunately deployed to Afghanistan again but we are all doing well. Take care

    1. Sorry to hear about your family losses.
      Mom is getting worse and worse in the hearing department. I’ve been trying to get her familiar with the computer and email but not having much luck. I will tell her you are trying to get in touch with her.
      Keep your head up. Allen is doing a great thing for us all!

      1. Thank you. When I tried calling her she was watching your new show. She’s so very proud of you Johnathan! I served my 10 yrs in the Navy but now I hold down the house while hubby keeps us safe at night. The kids and I still follow your career and Shawn (now 11) tells all his classmates about you and how people should donate to your Children’s Miracle Network. As he saw me beat cancer almost 2 yrs ago he’s big into helping others and looks up to you for doing such wonderful things for children. I know we only really know each other by default but I just adore your mom and wish her all the best. Please (if possible) could someone on your staff maybe keep me updated on how she’s doing every couple months or so via email? I know you’re very busy and feel just terrible even writing this on here. But let’s be honest. You’re not exactly in the phone book lol. God Bless

      2. Thanks so much hun! I know, I never picked up the accent but my best friend here that knew her and I find ourselves saying luv to each other more and more these days especially after we talked about mom lol. I had sent you a cheesy fan request on one of the other blogs on here earlier today btw just taking a shot for what it’s worth, had a rough summer with the ex and long story short my daughter Abby is flying and moving back home this Monday (turning 18 Sunday). And we are throwing her a huge surprise/welcome home party. You up for doing a happy birthday wish to my girl? I must be crazy to put my email on here but here I go. ..docwhitney94@gmail.com if not, I know you’re busy. Great to hear from you and best of luck with your career. You’re finally doing it! Have been for some time. Movies I mean. Am really happy for you! A long way from cowboy boots and magic tricks lol

      3. Did I reply in the wrong spot? Sorry am new to this whole blog thing. No offense, not sure if I like it. I think I’ll just keep to email and Facebook with close friends and family. The whole out in the open thing has got to drive you nuts I’d imagine. Anyway, best of luck to you and your career and I’ll go back to reading the Internet rather than doing the blog thing. Maybe one day lol Shelleyanne

      4. Hi Johnathan, (it’s Shelleyanne)
        Just had a small favor to ask. Like I said before, I completely understand your very busy. Was just wondering if there was any way you would be able to drop a quick youtube video or any thing to wish my daughter a happy 18th birthday? She’s followed Dukes all her life and still tells everyone about meeting you yrs ago. Her party is Monday (also a welcome home party as she’s finally able to move back home as my ex hasn’t been very cooperative in that department).If you Can’t that’s okay. Just hoping you are doing well. God Bless

      5. I am off to Sundance and can’t get to a computer with time enough to make a video but allow me to wish your lovely daughter a very Happy 18th Birthday right here!
        You have a wonderful life ahead of you girl. With the support of your mom and those dear friends around you, you will go far!
        Believe me… NOTHING can stop you from achieving your dreams and goals!
        Happy 18th Birthday!
        John Schneider

      6. Thanks so much for doing that hun. With everything you’ve been going through it means a lot. With losing daddy last month I know what you’re going through. My only comfort is that now mom and dad are both angels watching over me and are no longer in any pain. But I still catch myself reaching for the phone to call them. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Hey John,

    I am 39 and been working out on a fairly consistent basis for most of my life with a combination of strength and cardio training. I recently tried P90x and is definitely awesome. I got sore in muscles I never used before and the stuff works! I truly believe exercise and diet are keys to aging gracefully. Diet more so! Now approaching 40 I am told often I look 30. I see the results in you in your videos and am happy to still see a young a vibrant John Schneider at 53. Its motivating! You staying young keeps me young! Take care – John Lant

  3. You carried the world of “Smothered” around in your head for years. What triggered the ‘hook’ that finally allowed it all to spill out so quickly onto paper? And now do any of those characters still roam around inside your head looking for new plotlines?

    1. Those guys are in there all of the time wanting to tell the story of where they were before they got to teh “Resting Place RV Park” in my head. The Prequel is in it’s beginning stages here on my laptop. The plan is to do one of the before and then one of the after. This, of course, depends on the success of the one in the middle!

      1. Do your characters ever surprise you with a plot twist that just shows up out of the blue? Or do you ever have a character that leaves you wondering if they are just insane or truly evil & questioning how far into their head you really want to go?

      2. Mostly I believe the characters write themselves. Writing a screenplay is a very unusual experience. I sit down with barely a notion of what I’m going to write and the next thing I know I’ve penned 20 pages and am not really sure where they came from!

  4. Ya,Louisiana Ant’s are Bad boy’s for sure.
    Great Job Finding them,My Son at 18 months found some Red one in high top Shoe’s,Not fun trying to get them Off him,while He was screaming in pain were they were Stinging him…
    The Black one there is Bad enough…
    yep,These Guy’s will be great in Smothered..

    Have a great evening ..
    Always & Forever

    1. Hi, Mystery Woman, I had a very similar story I shared with John about my young son at 15 months having stood on a mound of what looked like ordinary sand in Florida. Come to find out, it was an ant hill where hundreds of these stinging critters were literally eating my son’s legs within minutes. We had to rush him to the doctor where he needed shots to quell the stings and poison quickly flowing into his bloodstream. What an ordeal! I can only imagine how John’s technical people in SMOTHERED will be able to reproduce the horrors of these creatures devouring his character. Ouchy.

  5. What a great video I liked John see all the work that ants do and look great this is very interesting as what you do with your projects like your work a lot these ants ahead with this project.

  6. I thought everyone had stories of getting attacked by them and having to be thrown in a swimming pool or your mamas beatin you silly killing the ants and you dont understand why your being stung and whooped lol

  7. That’s great. I can’t wait to see it. If there is anyway I can hekp to get it to come to canada let me know and I will try my best.

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