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It really is amazing how much there is to learn today. I see the world changing through technology at least every month and sometimes every week or day even!GEORGIA COP CAR 2

Think about it…

*When I was a kid you had to get up to change to one of the three channels you had on your television by actually turning a dial!

*When I was at grandma’s house someone was in charge of adjusting the tin foil on the rabbit ear antenna to get better reception.

*My friends and I had to wait for a whole year for “It’s a great pumpkin, Charlie Brown” to come back on television for it’s single annual showing.

*Telephones had rotary dials and chords.

*Super 8 film came in 50 foot reels and had to be sent out to be developed and then edited with a razor blade and clear tape on the kitchen table. There was no sound.

Then, in 1978 when we were filming Dukes in Covington, I saw the first VCR . You could get Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Elvis’ concert from Hawaii. It cost $1,500 bucks and weighed 30 pounds.

That was the first time the world of viewing changed in my 18 years of living.

My kids have experienced the change from  phones to cell phones. Their cell phones have better cameras than my first Konica. They have a movie camera on them that you can actually shoot broadcast quality footage on and publish immediately to the internet for the world to see only seconds after they shoot it.

What I’m getting at is that my generation didn’t have to adapt to constant change. Constant bombardment of information. My generation had the opportunity to have things sit in their minds for awhile. To marinate.

It’s no wonder our children today are often undecided. What use is there in making a decision when the whole world of communication or education may change next week?

I think it’s tougher growing up today because of these things.

What do you think?


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  1. I’m 40 years old so I grew up in the 80’s just when things started to get interesting. I remember our first computer. It just sat on the desk looking cool because there was NO internet. It hadn’t been invented yet. It was basically a really cool calculator. We had no clue how to use it and had to take special classes at school to learn how to play Oregon Trail and die of dysentery. Yesterday my 19 month old son was sitting at my computer desk with his hand on the mouse just clicking away and then he started playing angry birds……. How are our children at 19 months able to do things I couldn’t figure out when I was 10. I think some how the computers have changed our DNA and our offspring are being born with the knowledge of computers…it’s the only thing I can think of. So as far as what you were saying about us when we were kids. I don’t think we would have been able to survive if we time warped as a child and came to this year. We just aren’t the same. Some how our children have been able to adapt and are somehow better off. If you can say that were better off than we were in our day. Sometimes I wish we could go back to simpler times.

  2. That “blackout” thing is a neat idea. My son is fascinated by Ghost Adventures, so I think we could do a little, “hunt.” I was even thinking of a scavenger hunt that involves solving simple math problems, since that is his weak area. Tonight (Tuesday) is my daughter’s last night at home before going back to college, and I’m off from work tonight, so, we might do something. After, “The Haves and Have Nots,” goes off of course. LOL

    1. I have found that the old ways still work. Surprise them by reading to them from a real book and let them hold one half of it. Tactile stimulus is still important and effective. You’ll find that kids will still toss the toy aside and play with the box!

  3. I agree with you, John. My kids often tell me they’re bored. Which I find very amusing. I don’t see how they are bored. I had similar childhood. I remember party lines on phones before private lines. My granny got city water shortly before she died in 1993. Before that, it was well water. Nothing was computerized. When I got bored at my grandparents house, I would watch the birds at the feeder, or go for a walk in the woods. Even checked the fields for arrowheads. These kids today just don’t know what they’re missing.

    1. I agree. Try having a planned blackout (only you know it’s planned because only you know where the breaker is!) and come up with things to do together. Find the flashlights, candles. Read to one another. Tell ghost stories. Could be lots of fun on a Friday!

  4. Life I think was really simpler back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was growing up. Back then the biggest thing I worried about when I was going to be late getting home was to find a payphone and make a phone call. Now that I have a 22 year old son I would swear he was born with a computer attached to his hands. (rolls eyes). He is great though and I wouldn’t trade him for anything but maybe a little quality time which we got the other day. I remember buying my first cell phone a couple years ago and it was so foreign to me. I never thought I would be texting my brother and trying to walk at the same time and not walk into something. lol Texting I find a bit annoying when my phone goes off and I don’t want it to. Or i get so many texts they all run together. Granted the social media sites makes it a lot easier to advertise yourself and or someone who you idolize. But the art of real human communication by phone where you can actually hear a person’s voice has gone out the window. Things get distorted over the Internet especially in an email when you are trying to explain something to someone and then they read it and take it the wrong way. (Oops) So actually hearing a person’s voice is almost better than any email in today’s world if you ask me.

  5. Oh,Ya..I totally agree With You,Get a New Phone today and it’s Out of date Next week..
    Kids can’t get use to one thing before they see the new one and have to have it Because it’s new and Better..
    Ya,I’m glad we also as You said ,well when we Had a TV as a kid had only 3 Channels and Foil for getting better viewing,today with Hundreds of Channels I find that TV was better back then.
    Life if self was simpler Back then…
    I feel For My Children raising their Children today,I say all the time I’m Glad I don’t Have Small Children to raise now…

    Have a great and wonderful evening
    Always & forever

  6. I agree. Our kids are definitely at a disadvantage. It’s scary. It would make you think that our kids are smarter because of it, but I truly believe that they are not. Like you said, everything is so easy to “google”. There are no more searching through encyclopedias to get info. There was always something I loved about searching through old books for information. My kids will never know that

  7. That fabulous this that you are telling here John once again you revived fond memories and if the super 8 and ribbons that nothing is really oia cameras only saw I have saved some tapes still as I remember and the camera all the equipment needed at the time the photos films everything was different in our generation is very true but there was not much progress had other very good things do not you think? that damn times

  8. hi John, Leilani here. I met you a couple weeks ago at The Hollywood Show. I’m not as young as you thought I was, almost 45 yrs old here…and I totally get what you’re gettn’ at with technology goiing at warped speed and how we have to catch up jst to keep up. Being the age that I am, I have learned that technology can have its benefits, especially the computer and all its social media. That I love as well and digital SLR cameras and IPhones. What I hate is the art of conversation when starting to date again. Texting can be convenient and so can online dating, but people have lost touch with human connection and cummication skills. With all that being said I have been feeling very nostalgic lately and have taken to listenting to music via record/turntable. I love the sound a vinyl record makes, like real music with all its imperfections… well… 😉

  9. I remember the first time I walked up to a coke machine that talked it startled and bewildered me. I remember splicing cassette tapes with razor blade and tape lol omg, yes times have changed and things do move fast. yes we were conditioned to take our time, ponder, discuss, Think about, and roll around every idea and weigh the pros and cons. We are forced in this world to move a bit faster, make decisions faster,and make intelligent decisions based on knowledge were expected to absorb fast. i had a learning disability when I was younger, in college American history I remember reading chapters like 5 times to be able to get a C, but I can only testify to whats helped me. “GOOGLE” lol I’m just saying that I find great stress when I’m missing something. When I don’t completely understand something and I need to, Most of the time I can work through the obsticle of grasping something new just by internet research. We didn’t have that. Remember when we had so many questions that now can be answered by a quick search? It’s been my salvation to be a part of this super hwy and I guess theres always stress when we meet a challenge but these kids are so much more advanced than I was way back. My friends 3 year old pulls up games on her mamas phone. I thought I was smart when I could recite these words by memory… You have reached a number that has been disconnected if you feel that you have reached this recording in error please check the number and try your call again lololol

    1. Omg…that’s hilarious…remember calling time to find out what time it was because you didn’t have a clock in the house….lamo. my kids are always coming to me. Hey mom what does this or that mean…I say why are you asking me when in 30 seconds you can find the answer on that phone In your hand. There is absolutely no excuse for not knowing the answer to something today. Which is one of the good things about the internet. On the other hand there is a down side to the internet. Number one. How many businesses has the internet put out of business. Adaptation is probably the most important word in today’s time. Because without it your going to fade into obscurity…

  10. That is very interesting to think about, John. I’m not sure if all this technology is really good for everyone, either. It will be very difficult growing up in the changing world of today. I especially liked your reference to a rotary dial phone. Our house is more than 100 years old and still has a rotary dial phone. I love using it to make phone calls! I guess that’s off the subject a little, but oh well… Did you have a good Sunday? It was actually pretty good weather here, and we had good attendance at our little country church. Happy New Year! (belated, I know) I pray for you and your family every day. God bless you! 🙂

  11. It is extremely interesting to know something more of your life; generational comparison you do constantly. These generational comparisons, although aunt, I can’t help.

  12. Yes, I agree that our world is going to fast today. The kids today have way to much technology and they are always wanting. They are not satisfied with anything to long and they are on to something more advance. We even started out at my age with small televisions now you can get them as high as 60″ or more. Black and White to now 3D Televisions. Prices were low back then and now they are killing people because of being so high. Who knows pretty soon we could be having cars that fly in the air, we already have cars that can park themselves. What will the world be like in 5 or 10 years from now?

  13. I remember my grandparents having a rotary phone with a cord attached to a wall, that you could only stretch so far. My very first tv had 13 channels(vhf dial) and then a few channels on the uhf dial. I think it was a 19 inch screen. I also remember the “rabbit ears” and antennas. My house had one of those boxes that you sat next to the tv and turned the dial and it would turn the outside antenna for you.

  14. Totally agree, John. I was born in 1955, and grew up in rural Maryland, in a small town just like Mayberry. It was a different life, with different expectations, relationships, technology and even the ability to keep up with the changes around the world. It was a different world. In a lot of ways, it was a more relaxed and innocent life, where we were told if we were trying to grow up too fast. Now kids know within seconds what’s happening just about everywhere in the world, and it seems they’re expected to grow up much more quickly in order to keep up with it all. Today’s generation gets far more instant gratification opportunities than we did, and they are able to have easy access to pretty much anything that interests them. There certainly are advantages to better communication and technology. But that ‘idyllic’ innocence of the ‘good old days’ many times equated to outright ignorance, and thus a lack of understanding, empathy or action when it came to recognizing and taking positive action against the challenges, discrimination and persecution faced by so many others. Even though kids today have a tougher go of it in a lot of ways by being bombarded with constant information, I think they ‘get’ the big picture more effectively and consider more what society’s issues are. i believe their ability to adapt quickly and to cope with ever-changing and critical technology will better prepare them for finding ways to change things for the better.

  15. I agree, It’s harder to be a kid nowdays. In a way they are at a disadvantage, at least the kids that I work with are. They don’t have a clue as to what it means to use your imagination. There’s even a couple that don’t even know how to read a clock they rely on their phones for everything.

  16. I remember as a kid of a cross between of both worlds. At my cottage we still had rabbit ears/aerial antenna and only 3 channels and had to get up to change the channels. Where as at home we had a few more channels and one tv had a remote and the other u still had to get up to change the channels.

    As for today being more technology etc. I kinda like it better. It saves me having to remember appointments etc. Also helps me write. I can’t always type what I am thinking at the sametime. So having computers doin it for u makes it easier (for me anyway). But I do try to do it on my own 2 to keep my mind working.

    Better go b4 I try and write a novel on here lol.

  17. It’s definitely tougher to grow up in this day and age! The world is very sophisticated and most people won’t take the time to give you a straight answer. With all the information bombardment, internet and cable/satellite TV, kids grow up faster. They come up with more questions, serious questions than ever when they’re little. But when working parents come into the equation, there’s less time than ever to show their kids direction & to teach them that responsibility is not a bad thing. Talk about challenges in the modern world!

  18. John, I totally agree with you about how fast things change now. Whether it’s good or bad depends upon your point of view. I remember having the first VCR of anyone I knew at the bargain price of $2500, and each tape cost $24.00! As you well know that today, the chips double in data about every 15 months, and now I’m told it’s every 13 months, because they are “grown.” That technology is way beyond my understanding, but I just hope that having everything so instantaneous does not dampen the spirit of art and literature. Too much too soon…sometimes people cannot cope with that life-altering speed. There is a definite rise in mental illness, but is that due to new technology or that it is now reported more frequently? People used to see two commercials and the show would continue on TV. Now we’re are greeted by dozens of commercials telling us what to do, what to wear, and how to live, and what to eat. People don’t have the time to try out a product and think about its use before there are thousands of other users telling us more about that product and confusing the population. It’s nice to have feedback, but if that feedback is tainted, we then have to decide if it’s going to affect us negatively or positively. While making our minds up, something else is put on the market replacing that item, so there’s little time for discussion on old technology. Let’s all just remember to listen to our hearts and minds. Listen to those we trust and not just the voice on the internet explaining wealth management or the commercial on TV telling us how to live. Do some real research for yourself. Investigate and weigh the consequences. Always ask, “Says who?” and “Who paid for this research?” If there was anything I ever learned in higher education, it was that you never take anything for granted.

  19. I agree. I wouldn’t want to be a child today. I am grateful. I grew up when I did in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. It was a better world back then. I missed certain things like getting a nice hand written letter in the post or waiting to see what was on your camera film when you had it developed. I remember quite a few of the things you mentioned in your blog today.It was a sweeter more innocent time that is for sure.

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