swallow harder… life is tough

Okay… so I’ve had an interesting and varied response to the trailer of my movie “John Schneider’s Smothered.”

BTW… the reason I call it that is that when I searched for only “Smothered” I wound up with a recipe for pork chops. Not me!

I write what comes from my heart and soul. I write from my life’s experience. It’s real. It’s different. It’s… well… here is my response to the interviewer when they  asked about recent criticism of a film the critic hadn’t even seen yet:

I find people fascinating. Especially people who judge things they haven’t seen. Personally… I’d rather assume something was was good and be wrong than assume something was bad and be wrong.

I think you’ll really love “John Schneider’s Smothered!” No, really… I do!

But that’s just me.


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  1. So beautifully spoken, enjoyed the Video for this topic. Your right” Blue eyes”, Everything aint always pretty in this world and as a writer you write about the pretty stuff and the not so pretty stuff but you touch it all with your special skill and tell the story beautifully thats the most important thing you share the story, the idea, the creation, with passion and purpose. Thank you for all you contribute out of your world into mine and others.

  2. Wow! Good for you and well said. You can’t do something for someone else, it has to be for YOU. Your writing is honest and from your heart. To share anything else would be less than who you are. I like many people, have had to learn to swallow very hard. Finding a balance of acceptance and anger is never easy. I think people are afraid to admit that they have ANGER inside them. Believing that the anger somehow defines who they are. It is not ONE ACTION that defines who you are but a SUM OF ACTIONS that make your character. I love your raw honesty. Showing who you really are takes INTEGRITY and a whole lot of VULNERABILITY! Total respect!

  3. I have been reading the pdf script for ur up coming movie and I am loving it already. I have also seen the trailer and seen how much more realistic and convincing it is in the trailer compared to on paper, I’ve also noticed that as I have done a few plays and one tv show.

    Hope the movie comes to Canada. I was about to say Hazzard lol.

  4. I agree with you Life is not a bed of roses. Some people gets things easy. Well not for me, I have to work hard at what I do. A person is entitled to what he fills is right. They said that we do not have to please other people only that we are happy inside by what we do. Bo Duke never really got to see the world we live in today. There is so much hurt and pain in the world and your movies bring that out. I think your movies you do are great. I believe people make worst movies than you. Does anybody say anything about that, NO they do not. People do to much criticizing about other people when they need to step back and see the whole picture. I wish I could have talent like you. Great job on Smothered. People say things about your movies because they are jealous they do not have your talent. One thing people have to understand is that GOD did not make us all the same. So people John Schneider is doing a incredible job in his life. So as you have taught me “Bring It “

  5. What an excellent retort to those people who think they “know” you, John! I agree, it’s very hard to fight an image or how you appear to others –even if you’re not famous! I, too, love to people watch and any writer writes about what really gets them thinking…about life situations. I’ve found that most people feel uncomfortable when they see something that is too real or gritty…and they even don’t want to face the problems they create themselves. But the only way to write is to write from the heart. Stay the course, my friend, and you’ll love who you see in the mirror every morning.

    1. I agree BethAnne Weatherford..I have had People Say things about Me and didn’t Know me from Adam,Never so Much as Spoke to me.
      It upset Me very much to know they had said the things they said,Not only because it was about me but,because it also upset the person they were speaking to.A person that does that in my mind is not a Friend.

      And People really don’t like Seeing them self in a Movie either Because,You see if a writer writes real Life it’s a good chance they will see some thing that is either very close to some thing in their life or is some thing that they are going through in their life.
      And there is a Problem.

      John,You keep Making movies,the way You do,because life is to short to try and Please the world,and You can’t any way..
      Life is what it is,Write to please Your self and Don’t lose any more Homes because of the Type Movie You write..Be Happy keep smiling that wonderful smile of Yours,I smile when I think of that Smile..And Have for a lot of Years..

      Always & Forever

  6. Hi John I very much agree that you do and say with all your heart and soul that is not very clear why ecepcion and everything goes very well besides that you work hard to achieve your goals and projects and this movie `by what I see is another proof of your struggle to get what you offer you and it goes very well as this movie, I send greetings to take care very much

  7. I do support John’s treatise on filmmaking. He is doing what he always wanted to do, not what other people were hoping he would do based on many of his portrayal of beloved characters. As he expressed he is “not Bo Duke,” I have to applaud his efforts to fight for being John Schneider, the director who has so much to offer in a maybe different and always interesting light.

  8. I posted a Comment but,I wanted to tell you,I now know You haven’t changed in some ways,And I’m so glad You made this clip.. Your so right ,Life is what it is,People don’t get that most of the time,You explained it so very well. I can never explain things very well. Thank You so very much for being You,You have helped me to understand You better and to change my way of thinking on a couple things as well..

    With my very Life ,Understand ?

    Have a wonderful day,Stay safe

    Always and for every

    On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 3:15 AM, thejohnschneider wrote:

    > John R. Schneider posted: “Okay… so I’ve had an interesting and > varied response to the trailer of my movie “John Schneider’s Smothered.” > BTW… the reason I call it that is that when I searched for only > “Smothered” I wound up with a recipe for pork chops. Not me! I write what > c”

  9. U said It Better than I have or Could Ever could,I said Life is what it is,but You explained it,Life isn’t perfect and People need to understand that,and neither is people,We can only love and except people..And even though I can’t explain things like You can,I know what your saying,I wish I could explain as well as you can..lol
    Thank you for being You..
    always and for ever

  10. You should be proud. That’s what a good writer is. That’s what a good story does. Life isn’t flawless. People aren’t flawless. The best stories come from the hands of writers who think like you and me. Who lived their lives. Who ran into to those life experiences, good and bad, and came out stronger. Don’t EVER change your kind of writing because someone else says it’s bad. You’re not selling out, you’re writing from the soul and that’s the best damn writing there is.

    1. Oh. Finding out for the last few weeks that it’s easier to put someone else’s life and story on paper. Describing my own battles is much more personal and much harder then I thought. It’s very emotional and very overwelming. Try to always write from the feelings, from the heart, from the soul but if it’s your own story…

  11. John, what a video! You poured out your heart and soul and it is wonderful to hear. I actually listened to it twice to make sure I had not missed anything. Life is not a bed of roses. We all have our bad moments. Some have more than others. Of course it’s right that all types of stories should be told. Then each person can decide for themselves whether or not they want to watch that type of story. “Collier & Co.” was a very cute story and any “Dukes” fan would love it. I still get the DVD down occasionally and watch it as it’s fun but there are times that I want something different. Maybe I want a Christian-based film to lift my spirits. “October Baby” does that for me. I still say that’s your most powerful performance ever. There are other times when I want a horror story. I’m sure those will be the times I will want to watch a DVD of “Smothered.” I like your script for “Seven Ways To Sunday” (I think that’s the title) but I guess westerns aren’t in style now. Ever since I read the script I thought it would be a good movie. I love watching you on TV and in the movies, I love seeing you on Broadway, and I love hearing you sing those country songs. No, you’re not Bo Duke any more than you are Jonathan Kent, or JR Collier, or Dr. Lawson, or Jim Cryer, or any of the other characters you have portrayed over the years. I don’t agree that you are not a nice person though. Yes, we all have our bad traits and our bad days or moments but how many entertainers are so involved with their fans? I don’t know anyone except you. You’re a very talented, caring, warm-hearted individual and I am honored to consider myself both your fan and your friend. God Bless you.

  12. John, I Like Very All Yours Show. Can’t wait to see Smothered and also all the others news Show That You have Done. John,

  13. Great and Honest interview John! I agree!!! life is tough. We all struggle at some point and for those who don’t. . Well, I’m sorry.. reality is life isn’t always rainbows and Hershey kisses and I commend you for writing from your life experiences through meeting other people. You open a blind eye to what a lot of people don’t choose to see! Keep writing from your heart.

  14. Well done John, even though the movie is not to my taste, too much a romantic feel good type person I guess lol, you are a very creative person who continues to show more and more how versatile you are. People need to look at themselves and see how they vary and accept people have different views and accept them for who they are not who we want them to be.

  15. Also like to say I agree no one should be pigeon holed. We’re all unique and complex beings. Too many people stereotype. I never seen you as Bo Duke unless I am watching you on Dukes that is 😉

  16. That is a great video, very honest. Personally I like Smothered. I enjoyed the script and I love the trailer (especially the uncensored one). I like that you are writing about Real people who don’t always have a happy ending that is real life. Good Luck in all you do. I very much look forward to seeing Smothered and all the future movies you are going to make,

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