swallow harder… life is tough

Okay… so I’ve had an interesting and varied response to the trailer of my movie “John Schneider’s Smothered.”

BTW… the reason I call it that is that when I searched for only “Smothered” I wound up with a recipe for pork chops. Not me!

I write what comes from my heart and soul. I write from my life’s experience. It’s real. It’s different. It’s… well… here is my response to the interviewer when they ¬†asked about recent criticism of a film the critic hadn’t even seen yet:

I find people fascinating. Especially people who judge things they haven’t seen. Personally… I’d rather assume something was was good and be wrong than assume something was bad and be wrong.

I think you’ll really love “John Schneider’s Smothered!” No, really… I do!

But that’s just me.