you asked for it

Okay… maybe you didn’t all ask for it but several folks have said “What’s this censored thing all about? I can handle the real deal!”

You know who you are! This is the UNCENSORED John Schneider’s Smothered trailer!

Do you dare watch it alone?

I’m only reacting to peer pressure!




13 thoughts on “you asked for it”

  1. I know It’s Going to be A great One John,But as for some one to watch it with ,well if I get to go to see It, I will be going alone.And I do hope to get to see it when Decatur get’s It in..But, like You say It’s a Audience Participation Movie..A movie like SmotYou hered is a Movie to see With a Friend or family Member,But then any Movie is always More fun with a friend or Family Member..
    Thanks for all You Hard work on all the wonderful movie’s,And TV shows ,You have done are doing and will do,I know It’s a lot of work Involved and I want You to know I for One thank You for all the Hours You Put into them..And that’s On top of doing all You Can to Keep the fan’s Up to date on Where you will be and when,I know How Hard You work and I want to let You Know ,That I know it and Appreciate it,and if at any time I have ever done or said any thing I shouldn’t have I also want to apologize because I would Never ever do any thing intentionally to hurt You or upset you either..
    I have said it More than Once You Are MY HERO..And always will be..God Bless You and Keep You safe,always..

    Always & Forever

  2. I saw the trailer for censored and uncensored. I’ve never found such scenes to warrant a censure on faceebook of trailer. I believe that who did censor, “is not healthy.” it is immature, shallow, callous, cold and hard, has no consideration for others. I asked the question and I have also given an answer.

  3. My husband keeps asking me when it’s going to be on the silver screen. He found it by himself and now keeps quoting from it, making me smile and laugh. As always, do what you think is best, don’t look back at those who are questioning you and perhaps jealous of your amazing talents. Go forward and enjoy yourself. Thanks for the opportunity to post!

    1. I concure with my esteemed colleague. Yes, this is the better version, but I still would like to see a few seconds of the director!

  4. I watched It ,I didn’t see any reason for them to Complain about it,I’ve Seen Much worse..
    I also understand You getting tired of People keeping at You about the same thing over and over until You feel like going off on them can make You nut’s at time’s can’t they.?

    1. I have to agree with Mystery Woman. If it’s a horror/comedy, the trailer is doing exactly what is expected and more! You are the artist, you have the talent, you display the ability to entertain!

  5. Yes I will watch it alone because I don’t have anybody yet. So what I have seen you have done a totally amazing job on this movie. I love it, and yes some of it was oh my gush. This means It is Awesome and I can not wait to see it. I sure hope it comes to my area. John you have the gift on doing this movie. The suspense in this movie is high quality. Great job again John on your movie.

    1. Dottie, I’ll hold your cyber hand while you watch it. LOL! It’s a lot of fun and true great expectations. You can always close your eyes, but then you’d miss out on the comedic parts. 🙂

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