7 thoughts on “it’s time!”

  1. Loved the Show John,And the Twit’s Sorry I didn’t Do that quit right tho,I’ll Know better next Time.
    You do such a Great Job Playing Jim..
    I so feel for the Lady of the House tho,Wow ..
    Have a Great nigh stay Safe
    Always & forever

    1. Mystery Woman, I don’t know how you can ask seriously about “feeling for the lady of house.” Katheryn is selfish, self-absorbed in her own world, a negligent mother, and a haughty lady to her help. She has no redeeming characteristics at all. She allowed her husband to stray because she didn’t do anything to keep him home or interested in their personal life. That just doesn’t happen; a person works at it. She has been a monster to his kids, and Wyatt even expressed that at the hospital in Season One. When her daughter had been leaving the hospital, and she knew she had been raped, she never even hugged her. When they both were home, Jim had to beg her to go to her daughter who was in so much mental anguish. True, she had surgery, but Katheryn should have been thinking of her family and let them know her own situation so they would respond to her in kind. In the first episodes in Season One, Katheryn was pushy, and condescending to Hannah, not in a nice way, but telling her what to do because she’s “just the help.” She was more interested in her garden than in the lives of her family. So don’t ask why people don’t have feelings for the lady of house. She is a reprehensible excuse for a women who was given much and gave back little.

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