OMG! This show is off the hook!

Okay… so I’m sitting here watching Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots and I’m thinking “This situation is so amazing and unbelievable that it’s… totally believable!

I’m loving this show. The season premiere of season 2 and it’s already hotter and more enticing that season 1!

How is that possible?

What do you think?

What do you think is going to happen next?

I really want to know! I mean… I know. But I want to know what YOU think!


20 thoughts on “OMG! This show is off the hook!”

  1. I had a rough day yesterday and it was so comforting to know that I had a place to escape. A place where anything and everything can and will happen. A place that just allows you to be lost in fantasy for an hour. I have to admit that I love hating your character. I have not loved hating a character so much since J.R. Ewing. Every single time I find a glint of compassion in your character, I see that there is truly only JIM’S AGENDA. The writing is sharp and quick witted. Every character has a voice, strength and vulnerability. Better watch out, Kathryn Cryer is not going to let Jim just run over her. 🙂 I like that she is STRONG. 🙂 Amazing job by the whole ensemble!

  2. wish i could watch it. we have the channel OWN in Canada but for some reason they don’t air the show. just like we have CMT in Canada and we don’t get the Dukes like u guys r in the US right now.

    plz let me know if netflix has the first season at least. i hate to watch it illegally but i will if i have 2.

  3. Mystery Woman, Yes, I am “sticking up” for Judge Cryer because I can believe in that character. I cannot have any respect for a wife/mother/woman who does not fight for her man or fight for the right to be the best person she can be. She gives in to her own emotionalism instead of doing something positive for herself. In Season One when Jim wanted to get into their bed when the kids were home and he couldn’t sleep elsewhere, this was the perfect opportunity to hook him back into her personal life. He was willing to get that close. Once in bed, if she had thought about being feminine instead of a militant, she at least could have tried to curl up next to him, remind him of the good times, get him excited and maybe start something she would never regret. But no, she chose to push him away – AGAIN! The fact that he has a mistress just means that something else is missing in the marriage. He’s allowing his mistress in his house because he truly has feelings for Candace. If Katheryn wants things back the way there were years ago, she had better stop berating her husband and changing her tune. It’s a two-way street

  4. John, you wrote on the right side of your site “Rachael Ray Jan 7” but you were not on. Do you know when and if you will be on that show? Thanks.

  5. I really hope Tyler Perry will live up to the theme “It’s too darn hot…” because there needs to be a bit more action and little less talking heads. I love the premise, but the A storyline is Jim and Candace, the B storyline is Hannah and her kids, the C storyline is Wyatt and his drug use along with Amanda and her newly acquired friendship with Candace, the D storyline is David and Veronica with some other people thrown into the mix. I hope the main storyline doesn’t get convoluted with other minor characters who do not impact the A storyline.

  6. Loved season one! Unfortunately have to wait for the end of the season to see it when a friend sends me a copy of the episodes. Wish it was shown outside the USA.

  7. John, When I will watch This Great Show! I will post here what I like of this show. I will let know to you John!

  8. lol I can’t believe any one is Sticking up for Judge Cryer…Must have Put a lot of though into that,Now She Needs to Put Her self in Mrs.Cryer’s Shoes and think about how she would feel IF she knew Her Husband was doing all the things her’s is..And Candace,she Knows Judge Cryer is all into her and She can get away with what ever,The only time He Got up set was when he though some one was going to spill the Beans about the Fact that Candace was his Mistress,… WOW,John I loved it,Can’t Believe what happened..
    Can Any one first off Began to see a Husband standing still for his Mistress being in his Home talking to his wife at all let alone the way his did,and living with his Daughter that is a Big wow in it self.
    I do love how(U) Jim just let it Happen it was so Judge Cryer..It was like he was more into his Mistress than he was his Family..And Did any one else catch that sly smile on Jim after it was all over ? John U Did A wonderful Job and I have no Dough in my mind that this Season will be a real Hot One,So Wonderful..2 thumbs..Up Lol Can’t wait to see what happens Next week…
    Always and For ever

  9. I think Candace is going to shuck and jive Jim into thinking he’s gonna pay for this “child” that he thinks she’s carrying. Jim’s the one who jumped to conclusions, and Candace has duplicity in her heart and will string him along for the money. Jim is going to try to cover up Wyatt’s accident, but things like this get out and then the cover up deepens and it gets worse than before. Poor little Amanda is very sick and needs some guidance but they need to find her a counselor she can trust and bond with. The last one did not make her feel safe. Katheryn is a negligent parent for both children. When Jim is trying to discipline Wyatt, she interferes and undermines his authority. She is trying to coddle him, but she isn’t solving his problems, so he has no respect for her. Wyatt expressed himself at the hospital that she has never “been there” for the children. Jim is a busy man and cannot do everything by himself. A mother has to be the one to share that responsibility, and since she has nothing to do but raise her rose garden, she should be working on restoring her son and daughter’s health. I think Katheryn is going to need her own psychologist because she’s headed for a nervous breakdown. She just recently had surgery, and is depleted, and cannot face this kind of stress. Jim is trying to keep it all together so he can save face and run for Governor, but his friend isn’t helping by perpetrating a felony of having evidence disappear. Now more people are exposed to the truth, and they are all witnesses. It’s just another day for this dysfunctional family.

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