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  1. Heard it Loved it,Loved The Music U chose as well.. I looked them up and Posted them,to most of My Page’s or a link to them.It has been a long time since I have heard U Make Me feel Brand new and the other 2 Wonderful songs..
    Music says a lot if U really Listen to them,don’t It ?
    I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get what was being said once through Music,I got that in hearing the Music …Some people are slow in some things..I guess I’m one of them..

  2. I just went to ARISE.TV 360 on FB and John’s podcast is already up! Yea! Congrats, John, on an excellent interview!

  3. John, you mentioned someone was filming in NYC. Someday soon, I hope you will be directing your own TV or movie there as well! Congrats on The Haves and Have Nots.

  4. I just watched John’s interview on Arise.TV 360 – excellent. The interviewers were very respectful and actually let John do most of his own speaking. All too often people tend to interrupt John, but he was able to talk about SMOTHERED and the planned studios in Louisiana. John was at the studio promoting the second season of The Haves and the Have Nots, [OWN TV 9:00 pm Eastern], and they showed a segment from tonight’s show where Jim and Katheryn Cryer are arguing about the children, which is what most couples do. Jim brings out the fact that her father had been an alcoholic, and he’s worried about their son Wyatt following in his grandfather’s shoes. No mention of the forbidden love affair, however; I was rather looking forward to hearing something about Candace (Tika). They touched briefly upon John’s marvelous singing career and all his number one albums and singles. John opined “I miss my guitar.” (Hopefully, we will all see more of this in the future.) They suggested he’d be perfect for ABC’s Nashville. John also mentioned some of the other shows he has been on since Dukes ended, i.e. Leverage, Nip/Tuck, and playing “bad guys” and how he likes that kind of nasty portrayal. If Arise.TV has a podcast, John’s segment comes in about 30 minutes into the show. John appeared very dapper in a dark suit, tie, and his usual smile, quick repartee, and charming laugh. He skillfully plugged thejohnschneider.com, because the URL JohnSchnieder.com without “the” was already taken! John, thanks for the heads up on this internet show

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