off to the big apple

I’m off to the big apple today. Hopefully I’ll make it. I was living there during the “Big One” in 1969 and I’m hearing that what is about to happen there this week is gonna be worse!

I like the snow. Lots of it. That’s why I had it on my page until yesterday. Time to think about Spring springing. Especially in NY!

In fact… I like weather. The seasons. Especially Spring and Fall. It seems to me that those are the times of year that are the prettiest. The most stimulating top the senses. The times of the years when things are either coming to life or dying off.

I heard someone once say that we are never quite as alive as when we are near death. Interesting. Maybe that’s why I tend to write about people closer to the end than the beginning. I certainly did that in Smothered. It’s really the case in Useful People and Once more.

Quick anecdote about Once More: A dear friend of mine and amazing actor read the script and was very quiet. When he finally spoke he said “How long have I know you…30 years? How is it that I never saw this side of your personality?” I told him that those feelings have always been in there but just recently started escaping through my fingers. He though again for what seemed like hours. “Don’t take this the wrong way… because I really liked it. It was disturbing in a very visceral way.  Are you sure… Really sure… that you want to inflict this story upon your family?

My belief is that a writer, a story is supposed to evoke emotion from the viewer… the reader. I felt that his comment was actually the greatest compliment I had ever gotten. Can’t wait to make the movie!

Anyway… More on those later.

What are you? A Summer… Fall… winter or spring person? How do you think that effects your personality? Relationships? Life?

Point to ponder. Right?

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  1. A winter. Feeling warmth after the biting cold. Snow that mutes the normal noises. Snuggling by a fire. Thick sweaters that hug you. Winter slows the pace of life just enough to enjoy things a bit more. No mosquitos. Definitely a winter.

  2. Hey John,
    I hope you have a blast (no weather pun intended) in the Big Apple. I wish I could get to see you, but hope that your travels are all safe and the laughter brings tears!
    Mandy V

  3. Fall, Fall, Fall!!! Did I mention it is Fall? My senses are on fire during that time of the year. Colors dancing on the limbs, warm fires and hayrides. As a child until young adult we used to spend weekends up at our cottage just 5 miles South of Mackinaw. I used to get lost for hours in our woods. I’d invent wonderful mysteries with my sister and just bask in the colorful curtain of colors. I would climb on fallen trees and pretend the red leaves were bubbling lava. I would write songs about the wind and the trees and the little leaves that fell onto the lake and were carried away like a whisper on a wave. Yes, I have always had a big imagination. We’d put fire in the wood stove, play cards and escape from it all. I was FREE! Free to be anything and everything! As far as digging into the darkness…it is there that you can find the LIGHT. A light that you never expected existed. Even in the darkest turmoil in life, there is a light. A light that might be shadowed in a cloud, but it is there hiding in the corners waiting for you when you are ready. I have seen darkness and death on many levels in life. The biggest darkness is what we ALLOW ourselves to believe. It is when we are suspended in a belief that is not true that troubles arise. If we are not careful our own bodies can become our prison. It is important to peel back the darkness and let the light fill our souls. It is in that LIGHT that we can truly live to our greatest level of being. That light that was shining in our darkness is the BEST GIFT that you will ever have. I can’t say that I regret any of my dark days… they led me to exactly where I am today, holding the torch so hopefully others can see.

  4. I guess I’m More Of a Summer Person,I stay Cold all the Time it seems Not that I don’t Love snow I do the only thing is the cold that has to come with it,lol U can’t have one with out the other,So I would Rather have the Summer,with The Water Sport’s ,and Base ball ,Hot dog’s and Pop corn I have of Late got to where I can wear Short’s and such in the Summer I couldn’t before But,I can these last few years And I don’t know If that’s a good thing or not lol.I kinda like the Spring because U get to watch things Come to Life Flower’s Bloom and Tree’s Turning Green..But,It’s still a Little Cool for me..It’s Still Long Sleeves and/or a Jacket ,Summer is Hot I mean Hot around Here any way these days.Maybe that’s way I can now wear Short’s and Sleeve less Tops..
    The Fact that I’m cold all the time Keeps In side Most of the time in cooler Temps..Well there are other Factor’s as well but,That being cold thing has a Big Play in how I have lived my Active life always.
    Any way,that’s me..A Summer and Spring Person..

  5. According to Buddhism, there is a way called “the middle road”, not much sadness, not much enjoy, the idea is to maintain in peace our lives.
    I like Spring and Fall, both seasons are warm and friendly, not much cold, not much hot….ideal seasons that invite us to stay together with family, friends,….for sharing a glass of wine….

  6. According to Buddhism, there is a way called “the middle way”, that means, not too much sadness, not too much enjoy. The idea is to tray to maintain our lives in peace.
    I like Spring and Fall, both seasons are friendly and invite us to stay together with our family, friends, the weather is perfect, not much cold, not much hot……great for sharing a cup of wine…

  7. Have fun! Your an inspiration to Christans every where to take a closer walk with our Lord! You’ve stayed true to your faith and convictions and not let fame and glamour change you! I pray many blessings for you in 2014 and that God does amazing things for you and thru you!

  8. Well for starters I will tell John that I feel better in the cold spring but is nice because you cuddle and is very cozy probably will not believe me that I’ve never seen snow in vivo has never touched me. well take care and enjoy those long snowy landscapes of N, Y

    1. thats what i love most about ur performances u do tap into the reality of the viewers listeners emotion ,,,

  9. Medium rare steak sounds good ,,,,, dont stress on the dumb stuff ,,, plenty of us fans who’ll treat u right lol u may be the kindest most tackful person ever.

  10. Hearing about the Hollywood Show on Saturday reminded me of the wonderful time I had in Nashville, June 8, 2013. John and Tom and the cast were so much fun all day long. Then they sang and played their guitars and made everyone so excited during the concert. I’m so happy for the Hollywood fans who had the great opportunity to see John close up and have him sign their memorabilia and obtain his autograph. The important thing is that no matter how many years have passed, John still maintains his genuine smile for everyone, his deep commitment to the fans, and his dedication to his principles and personal ethics. Thanks, John, for allowing your fans to post on your new website and be a part of all your new and ever-evolving projects.

  11. I love all seasons but if we get too much snow or ice than no I don’t like it. Shoveling snow when it 5 inches or more really hurts or back. But as long as GOD gives me my strength, I will do my best. Your work that is coming out of you is producing a very high quality that will make you so successful. Someday I will get to see the best side of NY City. I’m hoping someday I will have a relationship then I can let you know about that. I do love summer and fall I like to go hiking, it was great when I was in Arizona this past July. It will be a long time before I can do that again. I can not wait for Smothered to come out so I can see it. Waiting to get Doonby so I can see it. Take care and God Bless

  12. I don’t mind fall but don’t like it either cause I know winter is to follow. I hate winter, I pray for even green christmas’ lol. I love spring not just cause it is a sign of warmer weather but also cause my birthday is in april just like u. And summer is my favorite. I love the hot weather cause I aint always cold then. Someday I hope to leave canada and move to FL or CA to live all year round.

  13. I’m a Spring and Summer person. I enjoy watching new life and see it transform into something even more spectacular.

  14. Very interesting post, John! I always thought the biggest snowstorm was the Blizzard of ’78 in the Boston area! Didn’t know about the Big one in ’69 in NY…I’ll ask my Aunt about it. I do like all the seasons but I like the laid back quality of Summer and the glorious beauty of Fall the best. I have to say that the humidity makes my hair look fantastic! I’m a different one…LOL I don’t think the change of seasons affect my personality or my life. I’m always introspective, easy going, and working on new songs, regardless of the weather!

  15. Safe Travels,Please take Good Care Of Your self..

    The Movie Sounds Like another Hit,But Then You Do Hit’s …

    Thank You For taking the Time to Let us Know Where You are and What is Going on in Your Very Busy Life.
    God Bless and Take Care Of You in Your Travels and in all You Do..

    Always & Forever

  16. I am a Spring person and this is why. I was born in the Spring, April 10, 1958. My birthday is much more fun for me than Christmas because it is mine – a day to celebrate me! I love to see the trees and flowers budding and breaking forth into new life. Then there is Easter, my favorite holiday by far. The Resurrection of my Savior.. once again a bursting forth of new life – from the grave! I’m gonna do that myself one day! And that is what my life is all about – my relationship with my Savior. How I live for Him every day has a direct effect on my interaction with the people I meet. Life is not always perfect, but I always know He’s there to get me through the hard spots. I don’t have a lot in worldly possessions – but I am a wealthy woman! Wealthy indeed!

  17. The four seasons were meant to brighten our spirits and give rise to conditions in our soul for searching the meaning of life. Just as Spring is a renewal, the other seasons have their own significance. Living in Florida, I don’t see a big change as I did when I lived in New York; however, there are still many differences in the seasons. Winter brings the “snowbirds” down to the South to escape the harsh storms; Spring brings the mating season for primates and other types of God’s creatures; Summer brings crushing heat and smothering humidity; and Fall brings the hope of cool nights and zephyr winds. It’s all part of the Grand Design, as are our thoughts and deeds that make us human and drive us to either help our fellow humankind or follow lower instincts for anger, mayhem, and violence. I choose to provide people and animals the ability achieve their happiest moments and extend a hand of friendship and love where possible.

  18. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall as well. There’s just something about the flowers and trees budding out. Time for planting garden. Plus the temp is just right. I love Fall because it reminds me of harvest time. I spent most of my child hood, and every summer up in the Illinois and Iowa rural area on my grandparent’s farm. Up in that area, harvest is a big thing. Many, many childhood memories up there. I may do my own blog on that.

  19. John…Please don’t take this the wrong way but the first time I watched a smothered clip my reaction was “NO WAY”!!! not John Schneider….LOL…I guess when one sets an image & then all of a sudden a 180 is taken it sets a person back a few steps..LOL…I think the movie is going to be very interesting & I will watch it & help get the info out on it for you…as for the question you ask..What are you?…I am a Spring & Fall person…I love to see new life in spring…I love to watch the trees change color & get ready to shed the old & bring on the new in spring…I was Married in the fall {Sept.}…Also in the spring & fall I have always been able to breath better cooler air…Do take care my online friend & stay SAFE…God Bless…

  20. I’m always a bit more pleasurable to be around when it’s sunny and about 68 degrees with a light breeze. I don’t like it too warm or too cold. I’m an in between sort of person.

  21. Love to read the script one day. Sounds like a movie to my heart. Still trying to get the feelings and the spirit of my novel writing into my screenwriting. Find it a little hard to translate my novel style to my screenwriting. Still figuring out how to do that. How to hold onto my style, my feelings in a screenplay.

  22. Here in Australia ..its summer right now (the fan is on) ..but i love the Spring time .. its beautiful , not to cold not to hot , its just right doesn’t effect my personality .I try to be positive at all time .I am the same all year round , happy and chirpy , I love getting out and about an exploring , im the adventurous type , always have been , always will be , love life 🙂

    love the site John xxxx

    Have an good time in NY xxx
    Cheers Scootz xx

  23. As a child. I would of said Winter was my favourite as it meant my birthday and Christmas. Now I am older I’d say Spring is my favourite. Spring to me is about new life flowers coming to life, animals coming out of hibernation, weather getting warmer (hopefully) we don’t get a lot of warm weather in England. Spring also has a wonderfully feeling of new hope in the air somehow for me.
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your movies come to life. I am very interesting in seeing what they are all about. Very intriguing.
    I often talked about writing a book myself one day. I have just never took the time to do so. I should.
    Have a wonderful time in New York. A place I’d love to visit one day.

  24. John, You are doing an Excellent Work! I like all Yours Link. Can’t wait to see Smothered and also he others Show. Good Sunday! Bye! Benedetta!

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