24 thoughts on “hollywood show here I come”

  1. “Actors are never fully who they play but rather who they play is but a portion of them.”
    Question: There is a bit of you in every part you play. Do the parts you play in turn become a portion of you?

  2. I hope you have a safe time flying to NYC. The weather is cold, but your fans are always warm with your good words of encouragement. Happy to be with you Monday for T25 and Reset. Thanks for all your continual inspiration. Onward!

  3. Thanks John for keeping me informed about what you are doing. You are so busy with doing movies, writing them, meeting your fans and trying to get people fit. I think its incredible that you take time out to exercise by showing people that you can lose weight, maintain your weight and even build muscle. I love Smothered I know it will be a big hit for you. Since I can not go places. this is fun seeing you at your work. I think you were right in doing what you did. The words used in Smothered, I did not seeing anything wrong with the saying. FB has a word that is used a lot from people and nobody get 48 hr. off. Keep up the AMAZING job you are doing with you all the way.

  4. Hey John. Brent Here. I met you at the Hollywood show earlier with my family (was the One wearing the Black Superman T-shirt). You asked me to remind you to update your film section with some of your recent work: HardFlip, LukeWarm and WWJD. Anyways, was nice meeting you. Thanks!

  5. Hey John! Great seeing you again today at the Hollywood show, you have the book and now you have the script! Looking forward to hearing what you think and your thoughts on the part!

  6. I hope You had a Great day With Fans and Friends,always safe Travels,I know You don’t always Have time For Telling Fans of Travels.
    I am always Proud of You,never dough that You are a good Person doing the Best You can in all You do.I See You and all You do and wish there were more People like You out there,And Maybe there are only Thing is I haven’t ran across them yet.I want give up maybe I will some day.And I want give up on other things as well.I Keep remembering things my Grand Mother said Long ago these days ,things like Home is where the Heart is,Never take short cuts on things that are Important in life..You know the Kind of things I’m Talking about.Any Way ,have The best Day and will Hope You get a few Min’s to rest and enjoy Life today.

    Always And forever

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