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Wow. Lots of varied perspectives on the Charlie & Sally saga.

Your response to their situation and the question tells a lot about who you are and how you were brought up.

Here’s one of the most interesting:

“I think that men generally minimize their hard work because so that people will be impressed with how hard they can work and not complain. How seemingly easy hard work is. Charlie would say “Ahhh… wasn’t that hard of a job. Sure wouldn’t turn down a cold beer though!”
Women have a tendency to exaggerate the difficulty of a task so that people will be impress with their ability to work hard. Sally might say “Today was a bear of a day. I don’t remember working so hard in a twelve hour period!”

John piping in again here: I’m fascinated by that response because it shows that both Charlie and Sally are looking for the same thing but going about it in two different ways. They are looking for appreciation. For a well deserved “attaboy/girl” from their mate.

My observation is that it’s interesting that both value acceptance and appreciation but need it expressed to them in totally different ways!

For example: If Sally said to Charlie “You poor thing. I don’t think you’ve ever worked that hard in a twelve hour period.” What do you think his response would be? (I’m especially anxious to hear the female perspective on this one).

Or… What would Sally’s response be if Charlie came in and said “Well, Sal… doesn’t look like your day was all that difficult.”

See what I’m saying?

Let’s keep talking about this one. I travel tomorrow so may not get to the blog. Hang in there and keep thinking! If you need to go back and read the original blog click HERE.

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Doing a double day of T25 tomorrow before I get on a plane. Wish me luck! Although… I’m sure it won’t really be that hard. Yeah… right!