37 things you’ll regret

It’s the first day of 2014 and I was just reading
a little post that’s catching a
lot of buzz around the web right now called ’37
Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old’.

And I thought…

What a cool thing it would be to create a 37 Things
to-do personal bucket list!

Things you WON’T regret doing looking back at your
life at an older age.

It’ll be like the arch enemy of the REGRETS list! Mua
ha ha (said in an evil laugh)

All joking aside, I hate that people always focus on
the Negative side of things, although I know that the
list was created to inspire taking the time to doing
those things NOW.

Some common regrets, or things people say they
will get to but rarely do are:

…Not traveling when you had the chance.

…Not spending more quality time with loved ones.

…Working too much with others reaping the rewards.

…Not learning another language.

…Being scared to do things. (You’ll look back and say,
‘what was I afraid of.’)

…Failing to not making physical fitness a part of your life.

…Not quitting a terrible job.

…And on the list goes.

So my challenge to you is to create a 37 Things To-Do

Make em’ big!

That’s why I made Smothered!

Make a real go do Just Do It!

Start Right Away.

Things you’ve always wanted to do.

And then realize that none of them are likely out of reach.

Traveling the world, getting in shape, picking up the phone
and telling someone you love them, it’s all possible and
totally doable.

Just because you’re friends can’t do it (read “won’t”)…

…Doesn’t mean YOU cant!


8 thoughts on “37 things you’ll regret”

  1. Regarding your fictional story of Charlie and Cathy performing daily tasks, there doesn’t seem to be much drama. But seething beneath their obvious actions, each person has his own agenda or at least internal ramblings that may go something along these lines.
    Cathy: I’m sick and tired of doing all these menial tasks everyday. Who cares? I never had an opportunity to fulfill my desires, my dreams, and my destiny.”
    While putting leaves into plastic garbage bags, Charlie is thinking to himself: “I shouldn’t be wasting my time like this! I always wanted to travel, to see the Orient, to fish in the deep waters off the Russian coast, to sail with the dolphins in the southern Atlantic. Why am I putting in time, cleaning things up, being a ‘stable’ guy performing drudgery instead of spreading my wings?”
    A conundrum, a forced prison of sorts, a fenced in life…both these characters need more, but each one silently trudges along, day by day in a quiet manner in the depths of desperation.

  2. John, we all need to live our lives to the fullest. Doing the right thing at the right time is sometimes difficult to know, but we must try. Experience rules our choices, so we must make those choices wisely. Before you influenced me on your Beachbody experience, I really didn’t care that much about what I ate, but you inspired me so much when you said “Do it for your family.” I thought deeply about that statement. So many people don’t realize what a sick person does to the family or how it affects their state of mental well being. it’s an unnecessary burden. So we have a responsibility to ourselves, to our children, and to the Grand Designer.

  3. First Resolution- To pay attention to where I am posting. YIKES, posted in 1 stop shopping! lol Anyway- I have always been a person to spend my energy on the positive and bought a HUGE JAR to put notes in this year. Goals achieved, list of surprises that happened, Sweet notes, anything that I found that added to my well being. Then in 2015, I will open that jar and fill my soul with beautiful memories. Hoping to have a pic of me WALKING in that jar and of COURSE ticket stubs to SMOTHERED! 🙂

    1. Thing Is things like it or not,Things don’t always work out the way You want them to do they ? I found that out when I stepped out of My Comfort Zone and went after what I wanted for Years..Some time you have to except that the One thing In life that means the Most to you my not be possible to you…I’m Not being Negative only facing Fact’s after a few years of putting every thing I could into getting the one thing in life I wanted more than any thing else.Some where in all things You have to face the Facts,That’s What I have no choice but to do,Don’t you think after a few years of trying It’s time ? I was willing to do most anything buttt,Being willing wasn’t enough…I have no regrets I did what I could and was willing to do more,But ,after awhile You have to except things as they are.
      But,I do agree with You ,I really do how would I have ever Known If I hadn’t got out of my Comfort Zone,No I will never Be a Bitter old thing over it,That’s the way things are in real life,in a movie every thing would Have worked out the way I wanted it to but,it’s not a movie ,it’s real life and things aren’t perfect in real Now is it ?

      I Hope You had a wonderful New Year and 2014 will bring You every thing you seek.
      And I hope Chasen had a Great Birthday..
      Have a wonderful day..
      Always and forever

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