The years fly by

So young. So innocent. So long ago!

It’s been 35 years since the Dukes premiered on CBS!

35 years.

Where did it go?

Seems that the days drag on but the years fly by!

I remember that day up there like it was yesterday. Tom, Cathy and I were brought over to Griffith Park in a van. We were near the train museum up against the hill. I was expecting to see a primer grey 69 Charger with a battle flag on the rood and 01 on the door…

(Did you know that the original script for Dukes had the General painted grey for the confederacy? It did. Rumor has it that George Barris commented that it would be very hard to see the car in the Georgia woods if it were grey. He suggested that it be painted a very common color that is found in every auto shop in the country. Engine block orange. That, my friends is how the orange car was born!)

Likely the first time I saw a car carrier full of General Lees!

After the three of us took those pictures that I’ve been signing for 35 years we walked over to another part of the parking lot where a limo was parked.

At this point in my life a limo only meant one thing… there was a movie star in there.

I was kind of right. there were three movie stars in there. A driver opened the door and out stepped James Best and Sorrel Booke. I knew them all from their movies and television.  Jimmy especially because he’d just starred with Burt Reynolds in “Hooper.” This was HUGE! We said a quick hello and then posed for another photo that’s been under my pen for over three decades. This one:

Our first time together as a cast. On the side of the road in Griffith Park in Burbank. Notice how serious Jimmy is? Roscoe wasn’t funny yet. boss was thinner too!

I’m going to write more after awhile but wanted to keep going on the blog now. More pictures coming later too.

Keep watching this one. It’s liable to change all day!

Time got away from me in the celebration so there’s only one last thing I can share…

It’s an answer to the question I get most often…

How many General Lee’s did you go through?

Well… my best guess is 329. Here are a few photos to attest to how I came up with that number:

This is how they often landed. Which is also why WB never net me actually jump the darned thing! Thank you WB!

You just never knew how that car was going to land. It seems like something you’d want to try when you see the show… But I have to tell you that it took a special kind of crazy to do what our stunt guys and gals did!

Here’s on of my favorites. My mother and I were behind the camera when Jack Gill did this one through the roof of a barn! Barnjump Tomsarmento12General’s coming to work in good shape…

…And winding up here by dinner time!VALUZET3

The show was an amazing experience. It changed my life for the better… forever. I’m still closer with Tom and Cathy than I am with almost anyone in the world.

A great guy. Gone way too soon.
A great guy. Gone way too soon.

I still miss Sorrell and Denver and Chris

Denver and his double Bobby Aaron Stevens.
Denver and his double Bobby Aaron Stevens.

and WaylonBoLukeWaylon and all those

Guy Delrusso and Sorrell Booke. Both gone. Both remembered. (That's my hat Guy's wearing BTW)
Guy Delrusso and Sorrell Booke. Both gone. Both remembered. (That’s my hat Guy’s wearing BTW)

behind the scenes who are no longer with us.BOSS1I’m delighted that you are still holding us up to your kids as a show that you can all watch at the same time without fear of hearing or seeing something inappropriate. There are few shows that can say that and fewer still being made today.

Playing with the water truck on a hot California day!
Daisy’s Song. Our 2nd episode. No tan shirt for me yet!

I am sure it’s likely that I will never have as much fun JohnonCathyor build the kind of relationships that I was fortunate enough to build during those 7 years.

Allen Wyatt Jr. My double. Gone but never forgotten.
Allen Wyatt Jr. My double. Gone but never forgotten.

The memories I have are still fresh. They still make me smile. They still make me laugh. I wouldn’t trade any of RoscoTomatothem for anything.BossatBank

It may have been us that flew the general for the first time… GENERAL JUMP 2but it’s YOU who keep him flying high in the hearts, souls, minds and memories of those who are fans of that noble family from somewhere south of the Mason Dixon line.

Family. Reunited. Forever!
Family. Reunited. Forever!

Yee Haa! Here’s to the next 35 years!

John R. Schneider aka “Bo Duke” 2014

the writing process

Of all the things I have been involved in over the years I believe I like writing the best.

Writing Spot
Pondering on it

For example… I sat down last night with a piece of dialogue in my mind. Witty. Clever. Laconic. Next thing I know I’ve written nearly ten pages of a scene that wasn’t even in my thoughts before I sat down.

Writing is like that.

When I wrote “Smothered” it had marinated in my mind for years (two decades at least) which meant that when the missing piece showed up (the part about why in the world a group of serial killers would ever go camping together) all it took was sitting down and the script began pouring out of my fingers.

The process also includes “thinkin’ on it for a spell.” I like this part because I get to sit and ponder. I usually talk to myself and start by saying “So… this guy has a problem that he needs to solve in a big hurry. But he…”

Must look a little strange sitting there in my chair with my cigar and a nice draft talking to myself but hey… that’s part of the creative process.

If you’d like to read the screenplay for Smothered it’s available over to the right under “All things Smothered.” It will take you to PayPal and you’ll have to fork over $20 bucks but it’s worth it. “Smothered” is a fun script. Be careful though because the language is atrocious! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Here… I’ll make it easier for you. CLICK HERE if you want to buy the script and give it a read. (It will come to you via email BTW. NOT a hard copy).

As we continue to make more movies I will do my best to keep the scripts available for download. Some of my business partners frown on that practice but I think it’s great because you actually get an education of the filmmaking process here on my site. Right?

I am off to ponder for awhile and then pen some witty, clever and laconic dialogue for a new screenplay. No telling what’s going to happen when I start typing!



i don’t mean to brag…

…but I’m really proud of myself.

For the past 3 years I have worked out every day with anything from P90X to Insanity to Les Mills Combat and now T25.

It’s not easy and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be on the “Haves and the Have Nots” if it weren’t for that discipline. Tyler was looking for someone in his 50’s that was in “great shape for his age.”

I weighed 30 pounds more 3 years ago when I did “Desperate Housewives” and “October Baby” and “Doonby.” It felt great to no longer be the “Middle age guy with the middle age spread!”

Me and two of my cotton mouth friends at Sundance

Tell you why I’m bringing this up… I was walking up a flight of outside stairs at Sundance yesterday and had the pleasure of zipping by several groups of younger (much) on my way up.  They were huffing and puffing and holding on to the rail.

Not me! I used my core… pretended I was doing T25 or a pull-up with Tony Horton and made it to the top of the stairs… then the steep hill… then the really steep hill without having to stop even once!

I couldn’t have done that 5 years ago. Hell… I couldn’t have done that 20 years ago!

If you currently don’t have a daily practice of some kind of physical fitness I urge you to find one. I have many to choose from right here but you can get it anywhere you want as long as you make a commitment to do it.

I can also assure you that I never would have been able to keep up with the schedule of “John Schneider’s Smothered” if I wasn’t in shape. No way. We shat two days every day and it may have killed me three years ago!

I feel better about everything. My head is clear. I write more. I’m more creative…

…and I can jog by people half my age going up the public stairs at Park City!

I’m liking  that.

Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it! Then you’ll be bragging too!

I am really NOT trying to sell you anything here but if you are interested in any of the programs I have to offer there are three that come with a full email/youtube video support system for free when you purchase  a challenge pack. P90X. T25 and the Ultimate Reset.

If you want to know more about what that involves, click here for Coach John Support.

been a long time

since I’ve been to Sundance. Actually… last time I was here it was actually at Robert Redford’s ski resort.

Quaint. Small. Independant.

It’s pretty big now. No parking. Fans. Crowds. Swag bags.

Not so independent any more.

photo 1
Interviews at Sundance for Smothered. All about bringing filmmakers to Louisiana.

But still a lot of fun. Great to feel the energy of lots of people with the same passion. Making movies.

I saw a company that has re-designed the computer specifically for  editing and rendering purposes. Small. Lightweight. Fast. Great stuff.

My plan is to gather different people from all aspects of filmmaking and get them to come to the new studio ion Holden to set up shop and make their [products and services available to independent filmmakers in Louisiana.

Can’t wait to get different departments there up and running.

If you have the chance to hang wit people who are interested in what you are interested in (Beachbody Challenge for example) take it. There’s a synergy that happens in that situation that doesn’t hap[pen elsewhere.

Firefighters, lawyers, bowlers, botanists… whatever your passion… do what you can to spend some time with like minded people. It will fuel your passion.

Good times!

the moment

I can’t look at them without going back there. To that moment.

It was a moment in my life I’ll never forget. One I’m glad is there…


Karis my dad and I in Venice
Karis my dad and I in Venice


The moment would have happened without a camera there but it wouldn’t be what it is.

A reminder to all of us to be better parents. Better children.

Without Jeremy’s skill and professionalism it would have passed. It would have been gone forever.


Thank you Jeremy. From the bottom of my heart for not only being there but for having the immense amount of talent  you have cultivated that enabled you to capture it and to write about it so beautifully.

Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about