old dogs… new tricks

Okay… so I’m giving it my all here learning Word Press so that I can
have one place to go for me personally… for john schneider’s fairlight films, the haves and the have nots coming back on this tuesday to OWN and, of course getting people all worked up about seeing first the trailer and then the real thing for john schneider’s smothered.

My brain hurts! Plus I have been chatting with people on the Dukes of Hazzard FaceBook page and having a blast!

Why is it that I always seem to take on multiple things at the same time?

Hell… I even did my T25 workout this morning on top of all of that AND it’s my son’s 22 birthday!

All this to say… hang in there. I am experiencing a learning curve here
that I am not all that familiar with (which is why it’s called a learning curve I suppose!).

Know that I am trying my hardest and doing my best!

I love the new Dukes fans!

Now go up there and see if any of those links work!



21 thoughts on “old dogs… new tricks”

  1. I think it’s a wise decision to concentrate everything at one place. It’s gonna be so much easier for you to handle things. If I can ever help you with this you know you can fall back on my webdesign skills anytime. There are some tricky things in designing a website. Even with a program like WordPress. You know were to find me.

  2. John, I went to your site last night and it looked good. Then I returned New Year’s Day – what an improvement! Lots of colors, photos, information, and your back button works too! I support all your causes, your shows, and your new endeavors. Forge ahead, and always be safe and have fun!

  3. Thanks for the new site John. It makes us as fans feel more connected to you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day today to talk to some of course I was late to the party and then missed the second half as well. Ugh! Next time. Just a little more advanced notice please. lol 🙂 So far everything I have clicked on works.

  4. Thanks John for taking time out of your busy life to spend some time with us fans. Greatly appreciated. Looking forward to another year of what you have in stall for us.

      1. Thank you for doing this for us and thank you for answering my question on the Dukes fan page. Happy New Year.

      2. Fantastic Job, John. When you set out to do something, it gets done and correctly too! So besides singer, actor, writer, director, magician, co-founder of CMN, now you can add web designer to your many accomplishments!

  5. Have you been working on the search engine feature? I haven’t had any luck on it. Check it out when you can. Best of luck.

  6. Congrats, John, on learning Word Press. My best wishes for a successful year: 2014. Smothered, Doonby, The Haves and Have Nots, The Dukes of Hazzard – What a year! Thanks for being number one entertainer for me!

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