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Come on… really?

I’m angry this morning. watching the news at the airport and the folks on the screen are blasting niacin. Niacin is that vitamin I used to take to help other vitamins and nutrients absorb into my blood stream better. The one that made my skin flush a little. I liked that because that feeling made me know that it was actually working.

I’ve got nothing for or against niacin. This just happened to be around the millionth vitamin, supplement, medicine commercial/non-commercial I heard this morning in my drive to the airport.

Okay… maybe a few less than a million. I’m making a point though.

There are so many products out there today that are supposed to make people over 40 deal with the aches and pains and joint issues that come with aging.

First of all… 40 isn’t old. 40 is barely legal! (My perspective). Second of all there is no miracle drug or plant or vitamin that will alleviate or repair bad health or bad habits. NONE.

A friend of mine saw the six or so vitamins I take every day after I make my Shakeology and workout in the morning before. EVERY morning. His response was to say that studies show that people don’t actually absorb what’s in those vitamins. He’s right… kind of. People don’t. People who have a sedentary lifestyle don’t actually absorb those vitamins. I’m pretty sure they don’t absorb much of the medicine they take either.

But I don’t live a sedentary lifestyle. And neither should you. I work out… every day. I stretch. Do Yoga. Weights. Cardio. Everything. Every day. For a little under an hour.

My joints don’t hurt. My vitamins are absorbed. When I take an aspirin for a headache… it goes away immediately.

Am I some kind of super hero? Some kind of physical freak?


All I am is someone who decided to take control of my health, my fitness, my body after 50. I decided to start being the dog rather than the tail.

Because of that I am now in the best shape of my life. Better at 54 than I was at 18. Or 16 (At 16 I weighed 240 and had a 44 inch waist). When I get a physical the doctor invariably gets a funny look on hi/her face and says “You got to tell me what it is you’re doing because you are the healthiest 54 year old I’ve ever seen.”

That feels great. Not only because I’m pretty sure I’ll be around for awhile but mostly because I know that my health is a result of a decision that I made. I’m not in great health because of genes or heredity. My health is great because I decided that it would be.

You can (read should) make that same decision. Take charge of your health TODAY. Make a decision to get into better shape inside and out and make that decision RIGHT NOW.

I know that some folks have let it go far… real far. But consider this:

No matter what shape you are in you can decide to make a change for the better. If you currently weigh OVER 500- pounds you can decide to weigh UNDER 500 pounds. You decide. If you need to increase your circulation and help your heart and are currently NOT walking anywhere every day… start walking across town, the street, the driveway… the room.

Make a decision TODAY to do something for yourself that will help YOUR health and fitness. It doesn’t have to be something BIG. It can be something SMALL. Start a good habit today and toss out a bad one.

That’s a great plan. Think of GOOD HABITS to have in your life and think of BAD habits that you already have. Make a list of each. Take a magic marker and promise yourself and your family that for every NEW GOOD habit that you start… Promise that you will stop an OLD BAD habit.

Simple. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Try it… you’ll like it!

Gotta get on the plane.

Read this again. Let me know what BAD habit you’re dropping today and what GOOD habit you are replacing it with.


Maybe she didn't recognize me with the beard?

How did I get so lucky

As the season winds down for “The Haves and the Have Nots” i find myself wondering how it could be that I’ve been around for so long.

I remember, as a kid, watching shows with Bill Bixby: My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, The Magician and then Th Hulk and thinking “This guy is the hardest working actor in show business!”

Little did I know that, at 54, I would be so fortunate to have been in a different landmark show for several generations.

Consider these: The Dukes of Hazzard, Dr. Quinn, Walker Texas Ranger, Nip Tuck, Smallville, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Desperate Housewives, Hot in Cleveland, Leverage, Mistresses and now The Haves and the Have Nots.

I was having a conversation with someone my age yesterday and someone very young happened to be in the room. She didn’t know Dukes or Smallville so I said “Wait… I’ll get you.” I figured her for around twenty-three so I said “Secret Life. I was Marshall Bowman.” This girl lit up like a Christmas tree and told me all about my character and how the writer had destroyed my stellar reputation posthumously.

How cool is it to have been a part of so many people’s lives? Amazingly cool. I truly am the luckiest actor in showbiz to have such loyal fans and to have had them for so long.

And now… with you HHN fans? You all are off the charts! Thank you for loving the show and loving to hate me on it. What a blast I have on the Addicts of the Haves and the Have Nots page! You all are too much.

Enjoy the show tonight… just 2 more left… and get ready for what’s coming next week. I guarantee you that nobody will see it coming!

Thanks you all for keeping me around all these years. I’ll do my best to keep finding movies and television that makes you want to continue. If I missed your favorite show up there in the list, I’m sorry. I forget things sometimes and wanted to get this out before the show came on tonight and I have a studio to build!


It’s really a question

At sports functions and public gatherings someone gets up in front of the crowd and sings a song.

It’s usually considered a statement.

I offer to you that it’s not a statement at all but, rather, a question. A question that we answer, daily, with our actions… our attitudes… our lives.

The song is, of course, The Star Spangled Banner. Our National Anthem.

On this week of her birth I considered what the words of that great song really mean to me:

Think about that the next time you sing it or hear it. Be thankful that the answer to that question is still a resounding “Yes!”

Here they are again. Forgive any misspelled words:

Oh, say… can you see,
by the dawn’s early light
what so proudly we hailed
at the twighlight’s last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars
through the perilous fight
o’re the ramparts we watched
were so gallantly streaming.

And the rockets red glare,
the bombs bursting in air,
gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. 

Oh, say… does that star spangled banner yet wave…
o’re the land of the free… and the home of the brave?

Happy Birthday America!

John Schneider


Failure is a choice

Failure is not an occurrence… it’s a choice. One that way too many people make every day.

The difference between people who reach their goals and those don’t is that those who fail made a decision to quit. They said “Well… It’s not in the cards.”

Then they stopped. They bagged it. They quit. They decided to fail.

Don’t be like that person. Don’t quit and blame your failure on the “cards.”

Keep pressing ahead. It may take years but still… it’s better to take years in pursuit of your dream than it is to quit and blame it on someone or something else.

The one thing that achievers have over non-achievers is that achievers NEVER quit. Ever. They DECIDE to make it. To achieve their goal… their way.

I heard it said that “Failure is the half way point between starting and finishing.” Half way.

That means most people quit just before they get over the hilltop.

Just before.


I also heard that “Success comes to those who can fail time after time and never lose enthusiasm.”

It’s all true. All of it.

What is your decision today?

Here’s mine: When the going gets tough the tough dig in. It’s worth it. I eat opposition for breakfast.

In fact… think about it this way… if you are playing basketball and when someone passes you the ball no one is on you..? You’re probably not much of a ball player.

When I get the ball… the opposition double teams my butt. Bring it on! I’m heading toward my goal!


Spending every waking moment getting the studio ready and LOVING IT!


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